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A Comprehensive Guide to Maritime Cybersecurity

Year: 2021
Language: english
Author: Mission Secure
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 65
Description: Maritime is one of the oldest industries and lifeblood of the global economy, accounting for the
carriage of 90% of world trade. Ships and other vessels may seem like unusual targets for cyberattacks.
But with their growing use of industrial control systems (ICS) and satellite communications, hackers have a new
playground that’s ripe for attack.
As hackers become even more sophisticated in their tactics, it’s inevitable that cyberattacks against OT on ships are
becoming the norm rather than the exception. It’s time for the maritime industry to take a look at every aspect of
their ship operations to ensure they’re protected and resilient against these growing threats.
In this guide, we will help you navigate the ins and outs of maritime cybersecurity, address cybersecurity challenges
and compliance considerations, and get you geared up to establish your maritime cybersecurity action plan.



A Comprehensive Guide to Maritime Cybersecurity 2021.pdf


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