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ISF Watchkeeper

Year: 2021
Language: english
Author: ICS & IT Energy
Version: 3.52.7 December Edition
Platform: Windows
System Requirements: Recommended: Windows 7 SP1 or above | Processor: Core 2 Due or above
| Memory: 4Gb | Disk Space: 2Gb | All necessary software components are included on the DVD
Windows64-bit OS compatibility: yes
Crack: N/A (30 days trial)
Description: ISF Watchkeeper Desktop runs on board your vessels and synchronises its data with Watchkeeper Online, so your office-based staff are always up-to-date. SF Watchkeeper is a computer software program, for use on board ships. The software is designed for maintaining records of seafarers’ hours of work and rest, allowing ships and their crews to demonstrate compliance with complex international work and rest hour rules.
- Non-conformance alerts: For shore-based staff, using Watchkeeper Online.
- Team Planner: Create multi-crew plans around work schedules and share these plans and revisions with your shore-based offices
- NC Activity analysis: Track what activities are being performed during non-conformance
- International Date Line Crossing: Easily account for days gained or lost when crossing date lines and stay compliant.
- Multi-Language Reports: Language options for ships where the working language is not English
Version 3.52.7 dated October 2021


What inside:
- ISF WK Help files
- ISF Watchkeeper - Online
- ISF Watchkeeper - Network
- ISF Watchkeeper - Single User


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