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Entry Enclosed Space

Year: 2021
Language: english
Genre: Training Courses
Playtime: 25:40
Quality: HD DVD
Format: MP4
Video: -
Audio: -
Description: The most important principle to remember is that all enclosed spaces are potentially
hazardous. All entries to such spaces should be controlled by strict safety measures.
While some enclosed spaces on board ship usually have little or no risk associated with
them, this does not mean they will always be safe. Many people have died because they
assumed that a space which was safe before was safe again. You may have repeated the
task before, but circumstances can change for a variety of reasons and you may be unaware
of the danger until it is too late. As the video indicates, entering an enclosed space without
informing someone frequently results in casualties.
Consequently, no one must enter an enclosed space without receiving permission from a
responsible person authorising the entry and specifying the conditions which must apply.
This is so even if you see someone in trouble inside an enclosed space. Many seafarers
have rushed to help someone else in difficulty without taking the necessary precautions and
have died themselves.


entry enclosed space.mp4


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