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Illegality in Marine Insurance Law

Year: 2016
Language: english
Author: Dr Feng Wang
Genre: Other
Publisher: Routledge
Edition: 1st (Published September 13, 2016)
ISBN: 9781315622392
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 208
Description: Illegality in Marine Insurance Law is the first book to deal specifically with illegality in the context of marine insurance law. Previously, this issue has only ever been partially covered within analysis and criticism of Section 41 of the Marine Insurance Act 1906 and warranties. However, Dr Wang Feng goes much further than this by considering its impact on the common law relevant to marine insurance in many jurisdictions worldwide.
The book addresses whether the existing law represents an accurate codification of the former authorities and whether Section 41 truly reflects existing legal principles. As well as this, the book examines how correctly to approach illegality within the context of marine insurance, considering the fundamental changes to the rule of breach of warranty introduced by the Insurance Act 2015.
Of interest to academic researchers and practitioners in common law and civil law jurisdictions, this book provides rigorous analysis of the illegality issue and a conceptual approach for various approaches to reform marine insurance law. It is a unique and comprehensive guide to illegality in marine insurance law.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 14)

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