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The Golden Age of Piracy: A Captivating Guide to the Role of Pirates in Maritime History during the Early Modern Period, Including Stories of Anne Bonny, Sir Francis Drake, and William Kidd

Year: 2021
Language: english
Author: Captivating History
Genre: History
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 203
Description: Buried treasure, pirate accents, swashbuckling sea battles, tricorn hats, and walking the plank—did you know that none of those elements are true regarding real pirates from history?
In fact, there are plenty of other elements about real-life pirates that are simply fiction. But what about the real history of pirates—is it worth exploring, and why?
The history of the Golden Age of Piracy, the one that has shaped the modern conception of a pirate, is complex and long, with lots of information to cover. Until today, there has not been a tome discussing the key details of the Golden Age in a digestible, easy-to-read format.
This book will be your guide to the Golden Age of Piracy, and reading it, you will discover the following:
The original pirate bases and pirate routes
A brief history of piracy before the Golden Age
Stories of multiple prominent pirates, both male and female
Incredible tales of voyages across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans
The ins and outs of a pirate’s everyday life
Various myths and legends related to pirates that persist to this day
Different ways in which the law handled pirates at the time
How the pirates functioned both on land and at sea
How the presence of pirates at the time affected the law and the everyday lives of regular people
And much, much more!



The Golden Age of Piracy_ A Captivat (37).zip


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