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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Year: 2016
Language: english
Author: Longman
Genre: Dictionary
Publisher: Pearson Education
Edition: 6th
[bPlatform: Windows/MacOS
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
System Requirements: Windows or MacOS, any version?
Localization: English
Crack: Not needed
Description: The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English – widely known as LDOCE – uses 2000 common words in the definitions to make understanding easy. The 9000 most important words to learn are highlighted with three red circles ●○○ and the most common meanings of a word are shown first. In addition, 88,000 example sentences are pronounced by British or American native speakers of English.
The sixth edition of this best-selling dictionary ensures students produce more accurate English both in writing and speaking with 230,000 words, phrases and meanings. Now with expanded Grammar information, students get extra help with grammar patterns and using the correct tenses. The integrated Collocations Dictionary shows learners which words to use together, while the integrated Thesaurus helps them to expand their vocabulary. Register Notes focus on the differences between spoken and written English. The brand new online resources offer the entire content of the dictionary plus additional innovative functionality to facilitate customisable teaching and learning, and a wealth of practice so that users focus on the words that they want to learn.
"Review: this is one of the best dictionary for English language learners."
*Note: Dictionary in Mdict format. Can be used with Mdict or Goldendict 1.5+.
GoldenDict 1.5.0 RC2 for Windows and macOS are included in the distribution.

how to use

1) run GoldenDict
2) "Edit" toolbar
3) menu item "Dictionaries... (F3)"
4) "Sources" tab, "Files" sub-tab
5) "Add..." button on the right side of the dialog box
6) in the dialog box that opens, look for and open the folder in which the dictionary files are stored
7) button "Select folder"
8) button "Apply" -> "OK"
9) after that, the content will be automatically indexed and the dictionary will become available, while the button for the added dictionary will appear in the program toolbar






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