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The Sea Officer Bentley Thrillers

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: Jan Needle
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Lume Books
Format: EPUB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 2155
Description: ‘A painfully authentic portrayal of naval life in the 18th century. A powerful story of lost humanity…its violent emotions are shattering.’ The Guardian
Over a quartet of enthralling novels that cross the continents and oceans, William Bentley grows from a young, rebellious boy to a position of command as Sea Officer. He faces harsh captains and harsher weathers on the seas, forms lifelong bonds with his fellow sailors, and follows his destiny in a time as tumultuous as the seas he sails.
Jan Needle's attention to historical detail and care for characterisation make these compelling and rich reads, perfect for fans of Patrick O’Brian and C. S. Forester.
Praise for Jan Needle:
‘Jan Needle’s tale of 18th-century naval life is following in a great British tradition, but alters it savagely so that it is not the salt spray that remains in the memory but the steady trickling of blood. Try as we might, we cannot avert our gaze from the horror’ - The Times
'Brilliant. I found myself being drawn back into that twilight world again, despite myself. I was grossly entertained and thrilled... [Jan Needle] is a rare talent' - Jimmy Boyle
'A thundering great novel. What's really amazing is how much he seems to know about so many different things...what more could you want from a thriller? A cracking good read' - Tony Parker, New Statesman & Society
'[Needle] develops a complex, ingenious plot at breakneck speed and has a sharp underdog's eye' - John McVicar, Time Out
Born in Portsmouth, England, and a lifelong sailor, Jan Needle has a view of naval history and the growth of empire that is not a comfortable one. This is the fourth book about William Bentley, his reluctant hero.
Additional info: A naval fiction box set of 4 novels.


Book 1. A Fine Boy for Killing.
Book 2. The Wicked Trade.
Book 3. The Spithead Nymph.
Book 4. Undertaker's Wind.


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