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Dock a Boat Like a Pro

Year: 2018
Language: english
Author: Captain John Jamieson
Genre: Practical guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 75
Description: How many times have you experienced the apprehension and
"butterflies-in-the-stomach" feeling when you bring your boat into a narrow marina? You glance to the left and right and what do you see? Million dollar yachts nestled in their slips just feet away from you.
hen you have to contend with the elements, which aren't cooperating either. The wind you planned for now swirls and bounces in the marina basin like a pool ball on a billiard table.
The current eddies and swirls like a mini-whirlpool. But it wasn't doing this when you entered! Now both of these ornery elements threaten to take control of your small sailboat with her inboard diesel or gas engine. What now, skipper?
We've all been there more than once. It's no wonder so many sailors dislike the idea
of docking and maneuvering in confined spaces, between two boats at a fuel dock, or in and out of a boat slip with just inches to spare on each side.
Pile on the added stress of "dockside lawyers" and self-appointed docking-judges ashore. It's not hard to imagine why so many boats are left tied up in their slips like worn down, tired thoroughbreds put out to pasture. Well, you need not be one of them! This eBook could be just the answer you've been waiting for.
Because you see, I have taught hundreds of students these exact same techniques with great success. I believe they are the absolute essential "missing ingredients" that all sailors need to know for docking success.
Best of all, they will work any sailboat with an inboard diesel or inboard gasoline engine. Unlock the insider's secrets to make handling your boat smoother, easier and less stressful in most any situation.
Imagine that you have the know-how to handle those all-too-common events that can burst like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere. Like loss of engine power. Or, your rudder jams hard over to one side. Or a boat backs out of a slip right into your path!
Plus, you will discover how to make precise, "bulls-eye" dockings even when short-or single-handed. Or tap into three "power-controls" you already have aboard your boat to dock or un-dock like a pro. You'll even learn how to prepare to transition from engine to sail power if your engine fails to start and you need to slide alongside a pier.
With just a bit of practice, you will soon acquire the skills you need to become the true master and commander of your small sailboat--wherever you choose to sail or cruise!
Enjoy the read...



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