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Nautical Software in MS Excel format

Year: 20xx
Language: english
Author: Capt. Roberto Iori
Genre: Other
Format: XLS/XLSB
Quality: eBook
Pages count: Multiple
Description: This software allows students, Cadets, Officers and Captains of the "merchant navy " : courses, distances (rhumb line & great circle sailing), orthodromic data ( vertex coordinates ), ETA, compass direction, manual-automatic waypoints calculator and planning routes, to maneuver the ship in any condition, how to calculate altitude and azimuth and much more.
See "Contents" for details.

Additional info

source weblink :
* read pass.txt for sheet's passwords


1. Great cycle - Rhumb line sailing
2. Nautical Astronomy
3. Radar navigation and ship collision avoidance
4. Route Planner
5. Star Finder for celestial navigation




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