Ichoff ® 25-Nov-2022 04:40

Konsberg Neptune Engine Room Simulator - MC90-V v. [DUMP] [2022]

Year: 2022
Developer: Konsberg Maritime AS
Platform: Windows
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
System Requirements: x32dbg
Localization: english
Crack: N/A
Description: This is a dirty copy of the new Neptune Simulator MC-90V from Konsberg, I'm leaving it here for the community for cracking and reverse engineering purposes to create a patch update our beloved software to the new version, in case we can crack this one up and get it running properly I'll try to copy the AHTS and Ferry simulators as well.
You'll need x32dbg to play around with it, I have already done a few patches to skip the License Server connection and the Hardware License one, but the last one is still not working properly, it goes to splash screen but the simulator itself doesn't load, the version is set to null on the log.
I'll attach both patches here and hope someone with more knowledge can work the way around it and share with us.



Ichoff ® 25-Nov-2022 05:02
Patches to be imported on x32dbg:
Create a file with the name and extension 1337 as: License Server Bypass - Patch 1.1337 with the following text:
This patch will disable the License Server check and go directly to the Hardware License, which is patched (properly not the working way) by the following patch:
Hardware License Bypass - Patch 2.1337
Ichoff ® 25-Nov-2022 05:59
Current state of the job after the patches I've posted above:

There's something breaking up the simulator because the Vers (version) variable is set to (null) during the startup and it should be, and this might be the cause for the modules not load at all. The libraries do load fine though.
litoplee 03-Mar-2023 04:14
skipper3362, I see. This version has been cracked by Ichoff skiping the License Server connection. I have the same problem When I run it with OD. I need the original simulator.exe file without any crack to run on OD.
pakmarineeng 26-Oct-2023 17:42
we are facing a problem, that 2 generators has been start and stop from Computer with all alarm, but generator no. 3 is not start with computer and not be stop, when stop manually, error operation block - remote.

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