[email protected] ® 21-Dec-2022 17:22
Я пишу сюда чтоб предупредить всех кто занимается снабжением короблей продуктами и просит помошь у местного агента чтоб нашел ему поставщика. Я работаю в компании которая снобжает кораблей разными продуктами и нам дают агенты некоторых клиентов и мне так жалко и не охотно поднимать цены аж на 20 процентов для агента но по другому не возможно. Ребята ищите сами по интернету и не просите их помошь, они хотят ничего не делая за ваш счет получать проценты и не 5 или 10 а ж 20 процентов. Также поступают немцы капитаны, они тоже за счет экипажа себе в корман проценты ставят.
skipper3362 21-Dec-2022 20:26
[email protected], What you tell here is comme practice around the world for years , so you tell nothing new
if the have to sell the products for the same price as in the stores how gone pay for ther personal , the wharehouses , the car and all what is come with it, how gone wait till a company will pay after 90 , 120 ore 180 day a local supermarket wil not do that the want direct cash , but the are not allowed to come on the terminal because of isps and safety rules
and yes ther percents is diffrent with it providor but also the serives that you get from then 24 / 7 and the have to deal also with the customs
i will not say that some of them take advance of the situation because the do , but not only from the ship also be threating the one personal not so good underpayed etc
but the warning that you give is not new it commen practice , and the solution you give looks easy but it is not
and some will bribe , ore delivery cheaper ore not so good products , but by checking by delivery you can check that and refuse products if you are not complaned with the quality but wenn you have only one supplier in a port you do not have much choice for that and you need it
so also you paycheck at the end of the month has to be payed from something and that also come from the precentace , because you also not want the work for free
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