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Ship Safety Service Training

Year: 2013
Language: english
Author: BG Verkehr
Genre: Manual
Publisher: Dienststelle Schiffssicherheit
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 172
Description: This official publication of the Ship Safety Service contains the manual for crew training in ship safety for lifeboat and fire protection services on board ships. Supplemented by sketches, diagrams and numerous colored photos and illustrations. 15 years have now passed since the Ship Safety Service manual was first issued in 1996 - years in which international shipping has undergone sig­nificant changes. These changes not only reflect the continuous growth in the size of the world merchant fleet, the specific sizes of the vessels and the engine performance, they also reflect the increase in the danger potential for humans and the environment brought about by the rise in traf­fic.
In connection with the amendments and supple­ments, it is essential that the Manual for Ship Safety Service Training is revised. This Manual now contains all the international regulations and amended national guidelines. Depending on the respective equipment standard, all vessels must supplement the Manual with the manufacturers' operating and maintenance instructions.
Together, the Manual and the operating instruc­tions form the internationally stipulated Training Manual as defined in Regulation III/35 of the SOLAS Convention.


Table of Contents for the Manual for Ship Safety Training:
Chapter A: Ship Safety Service - Basic Principles
Chapter B: Fire Protection - Basic Principles
Chapter C: Fire Fighting Appliances and Systems on Board
Chapter D: Fire Prevention and Behaviour during Fire Drills and during Fire Fighting
Chapter E: Life Saving Appliances - Description of Appliances, Installations and Equipment
Chapter F: Handling/Operation of Life Saving Appliances and Installations
Chapter G: Behaviour during Lifeboat Drills and in Emergencies
Chapter H: Recommendations and experience
Chapter I: Appendix




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