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Weather & Meteorology - A Basic Understanding

Year: 2019
Language: english
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Description: The Basics Everyone Should Know
What you'll learn
This is a short course that helps students develop a basic understanding of meteorology
A short, condensed crash-course in the basics of weather and meteorology instructed by a professional meteorologist. Learn about why weather exists, the different aspects of weather fronts, climate zones, and the atmosphere. Learn about the basic tools that meteorologists use to observe and predict the weather, and how to understand various weather alerts.
Section 1: Section 1: What Causes Weather?
Lecture 1 What Causes Weather
Section 2: Weather Fronts
Lecture 2 Weather Fronts
Section 3: The Atmosphere, Climate, and Inside the Meteorologist's Mind
Lecture 3 The Atmosphere, Climate, and Inside the Meteorologist's Mind
Section 4: Weather Tools
Lecture 4 Weather Tools
Section 5: Weather Alerts
Lecture 5 Weather Alerts
Weather Enthusiasts & Aspiring Meteorologists


Weather & Meteorology A Basic Understanding

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