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Carefully to Carry - Consolidated Edition 2023

Year: 2023
Language: english
Author: UK P&I Club
Genre: Guide
Publisher: Witherbys
Edition: Consolidated Edition 2023
ISBN: 9781914993121
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 621
Description: This comprehensive publication, compiled by the UK P&I Club, details best practice for the carriage, loading and storage requirements of a wide range of cargoes. It also contains essential information on draught surveys and preparing cargo plans.
This guide to the safe carriage, loading and storage of cargo covers the potential issues and dangers inherent in the transporting of bulk cargoes, from the characteristics and risks inherent in specific goods, hold preparation and hatch covers, to best practice when loading and unloading. Outlining and expanding on all major international cargo regulations and guidelines, it also includes detailed checklists, information on draught surveys and guides to preparing cargo plans. Cargoes covered include timber, gas, grain, steel and other metals, bulk goods and refrigerated goods.
Additional info: origin unknown and content doubtful


Part 1 – Grain
Part 2 – Ores, Minerals and Fertilisers
Part 3 – Steel and Other Metals
Part 4 – Timber and Forestry Products
Part 5 – General Guidance
Part 6 – Bulk Cargoes – Liquid
Part 7 – The Carriage of Gas
Part 8 – Packaged Cargoes, Including Bags, Drums and Flexitanks
Part 9 – Refrigerated and Controlled Atmosphere Cargoes
Part 10 – General Container Operations Including Waste Shipments
Part 11 – Miscellaneous Cargoes
Part 12 – Cargo Planning and Securing (Including Hatch Covers)


Carefully to Carry - Consolidated Edition 2023.pdf


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