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A Student's Introduction to English Grammar

Year: 2022
Language: english
Author: Rodney Huddleston
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: ‎ Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2nd edition (March 24, 2022)
ISBN: 9781009088015
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 422
Description: A new edition of a successful undergraduate textbook on contemporary international Standard English grammar, based on Huddleston and Pullum's earlier award-winning work, The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (2002). The analyses defended there are outlined here more briefly, in an engagingly accessible and informal style. Errors of the older tradition of English grammar are noted and corrected, and the excesses of prescriptive usage manuals are firmly rebutted in specially highlighted notes that explain what older authorities have called 'incorrect' and show why those authorities are mistaken. Intended for students in colleges or universities who have little or no background in grammar or linguistics, this teaching resource contains numerous exercises and online resources suitable for any course on the structure of English in either linguistics or English departments. A thoroughly modern undergraduate textbook, rewritten in an easy-to-read conversational style with a minimum of technical and theoretical terminology.



Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 6)

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