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Introduction To Forklift Operation (Theory)

Year: 2022
Language: english
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Description: Learn the basics required to be a forklift operator
What you'll learn
Operating procedure of a forklift operator
Practice safety procedures and avoid accidents
Learn the main parts of a forklift
Learn how to check the certification of a forklift
No prior experience needed - I'll teach you everything you need to know
Welcome to the Forklift Operation (Theory) course, the only course you need to learn all the basics required for the operation of a forklift. The course is taught by our instructor John who has more then 10 years working in the construction industry. This course is taught using the method similar to Khan Academy which allows students to grasp the lessons taught easily. There will be quizzes as well to test students on their understanding on a specific topic. This video lectures are in bite-size lessons to allow students to concentrate and retain the knowledge better. The course will be constantly updated if there is any new content or breakthrough in the industry. The curriculum was developed over many months in order to provide the best way to deliver a well though course.Throughout this course, we cover a many topics such as:Types of ForkliftsParts of ForkliftsSafe Work PracticesLoad ProtectionEnvironment InspectionPPEParts of Forklifts InspectionCargo SymbolsForklift StabilityStability TriangleForklift Tipping PreventionPalletized and Non-Palletized LoadHazardous LoadsRisk ControlWarning SignsTypes of Working EnvironmentTypes of TerrainsOperating on Incline SurfacesOperating in ElevatorsOperating in Confined SpacesCode of PracticeIncident ReportingPenaltiesRisk AssessmentCase StudiesCatalogParking ProceduresHandover ProceduresMessage from our instructor John:"Hi everyone. I hope you are doing well. This is the second course ever made by me and I wish that you will find it enjoyable. The course outline was carefully planned out and I hope it will be able to deliver as much value as possible to you"So what are you waiting for? Click the buy now button and begin learning!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Types of Forklifts
Lecture 2 Types of Forklifts
Lecture 3 Class 1 Forklifts
Lecture 4 Class 2 Forklifts
Lecture 5 Class 3 Forklifts
Lecture 6 Class 4 Forklifts
Lecture 7 Class 5 Forklifts
Lecture 8 Class 6 Forklifts
Lecture 9 Class 7 Forklifts
Section 3: Parts of a Forklifts
Lecture 10 Parts of a Forklifts (Part 1)
Lecture 11 Parts of a Forklifts (Part 2)
Section 4: Workplace Safety Practice
Lecture 12 Workplace Safety Practice
Lecture 13 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Section 5: Protecting Loads from Damage
Lecture 14 Protecting Loads from Damage
Section 6: Environment Preinspection
Lecture 15 Environment Inspection
Section 7: Forklift Parts Inspection
Lecture 16 Forklift Parts Inspection
Section 8: Cargo Symbols
Lecture 17 Cargo Symbols
Section 9: Forklift Stability
Lecture 18 Weight, Size and Position
Lecture 19 Stability Triangle
Lecture 20 Forklift Tipping Safety Measures and Prevention
Section 10: Types of loads and their handling procedure
Lecture 21 Types of loads and their handling procedure
Section 11: Hazardous Loads Safety Procedures
Lecture 22 Hazardous Loads
Lecture 23 Risk Control
Lecture 24 Warning Signs
Section 12: Operating Procedure for Different Types of Terrains and Working Environment
Lecture 25 Types of Working environment and terrains
Lecture 26 Travelling on Inclined Surfaces
Lecture 27 Travelling on Elevators
Lecture 28 Travelling in Confined Spaces
Section 13: Workplace Safety Code of Practice
Lecture 29 Workplace Safety Code of Practices
Lecture 30 Incident Reporting and Penalties
Lecture 31 Risk Assessment
Lecture 32 Case Study 1
Lecture 33 Case Study 2
Lecture 34 Catalog
Section 14: Forklift Parking Procedure
Lecture 35 Parking Procedure
Section 15: Forklift Handover Procedure
Lecture 36 Handover Procedure
If u want to know more about the operation of a forklift,If you aspire to be a forklift operator in the future,If you just want to learn more about the various roles in the construction industry,If you want to start your own forklift business


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