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Collection of European Legislation - Maritime affairs

Year: 2013
Language: english
Author: EU
Genre: Normative document
Publisher: EU
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Description: Collection of European Legislation regarding Maritime affairs (EU Directives and EU Regulations).

EU Directives

Shipboard Pharmacy
Directive 92/29/EEC
Dangerous Goods (not in force anymore)
Directive 93/75/EEC
Directive 96/39/EC
Directive 97/34/EC
Directive 98/55/EC
Directive 98/74/EC
Traffic Monitoring
Directive 2002/59/EC
(replaced Directive 93/75/EC on 5 February 2004)
Directive 2009/17/EC
Directive 2011/15/EU
Directive 2014/100/UE
Pleasure Crafts
Directive 94/25/EC
Directive 2003/44/EC
Classification Societies
Directive 94/57/EC
Directive 97/58/EC
Directive 2001/105/EC
Directive 2009/15/EC
Directive 2014/111/UE
Port State Control
Directive 2009/16/EC
(replaced directive 95/21/EC on 1 January 2011)
Directive 2013/38/EU
Marine Equipement
Directive 96/98/EC
Directive 98/85/EC
Directive 2001/53/EC
Directive 2002/75/EC
Directive 2008/67/EC
Directive 2009/26/EC
Directive 2010/68/EU
Directive 2011/75/EU
Directive 2012/32/EU
Directive 2013/52/EU
Directive 2014/93/EU
Directive 2014/90/EU
Directive 2015/559/EU
Directive 95/64/EC
Directive 2009/42/EC
Safety Fishing Vessels
Directive 97/70/EC
Directive 1999/19/EC
Directive 2002/35/EC
Safety Passenger Vessels
Directive 98/18/EC
Directive 2002/25/EC
Directive 2003/24/EC
Directive 2003/75/EC
Directive 2009/45/EC
Directive 2010/36/EU
Passengers Registration
Directive 98/41/EC
RoRo's and High Speed Crafts
Directive 1999/35/EC
Directive 2003/25/EC
Directive 2005/12/EC
Working Hours
Directive 1999/63/EC
Directive 1999/95/EC
Directive 2009/13/EC
Port Reception Facilities
Directive 2000/59/EC
Seafarers Training (STCW)
Directive 2001/25/EC - Replaced by directive 2008/106/EC
Directive 2003/103/EC - Replaced by directive 2008/106/EC
Directive 2005/23/EC - Replaced by directive 2008/106/EC
Directive 2005/45/EC - Replaced by directive 2008/106/EC
Directive 2008/106/EC
Directive 2012/35/EU
Bulk Carriers
Directive 2001/96/EC
Port Formalities (FAL)
Directive 2002/6/EC
Directive 2010/65/EU
COSS Committee
Directive 2002/84/EC
Ship Source Pollution
Directive 2005/35/EC
Framework Decision 2005/667/JHA
Directive 2009/123/EC
Port Security
Directive 2005/65/EC
Accident Investigation
Directive 2009/18/EC
Maritime Claims
Directive 2009/20/EC
Flag State Obligations
Directive 2009/21/EC
Directive 2013/54/EU
Sulfur Content
Directive 1999/32/EC
Directive 2005/33/EC
Directive 2012/33/EU
Offshore Oil and Gas Operations
Directive 2013/30/EU

EU Regulations

Transfer of Ships
Regulation 613/91 (not in force anymore)
Regulation 789/2004
Maritime Cabotage
Regulation 3577/92
SOLAS and MARPOL Amendments
Regulation 2158/93
Segragated Ballast
Regulation 2978/94
ISM Code
Regulation 3051/95 (repealed)
Regulation 179/98 (repealed)
Regulation 1970/2002 (repealed)
Regulation 336/2006
Substances that deplete the ozone layer
Regulation 2037/2000
Double Hulls
Regulation 417/2002
Regulation 1726/2003
Regulation 2172/2004
Regulation 457/2007
European Maritime Safety Agency
Regulation 1406/2002
Regulation 1644/2003
Regulation 724/2004
Regulation 1891/2006
Regulation  100/2013
Regulation 911/2014
COSS Committee
Regulation 2099/2002
Regulation 415/2004
Regulation 93/2007
Organotin Compounds (AFS)
Regulation 782/2003
Regulation 536/2008
Marco Polo
Regulation 1382/2003
Ships and Port Security
Regulation 725/2004
Regulation 884/2005 (repealed by Regulation 324/2008)
Regulation 324/2008
Transport of passengers by sea
Regulation 392/2009
Regulation 1177/2010
Classification Societies
Regulation 391/2009
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