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Fundamentals Of Laser Welding

Year: 2020
Language: english
Playtime: 43m
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Format: MP4
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Description: An Introductory Study
What you'll learn
Overview of Laser Welding
Concept of keyhole welding
Laser and Process Efficiencies
Defects in Laser Welding
Methods to improve Laser Welding Efficiency
Basics of Mechanical Engineering
Laser Welding has gained fast-paced applications in most of the industrial applications. The advantages of Laser welding includes resulting in a high strength welds, using a low heat application, it gives an ultimate precision and it is also responsible for creating a complicated joint. In this MOOC learners will face some basic topics regarding laser welding such as the concept of the keyhole welding process, the parameters which affect the laser beam welding process, and the various methods which can be adapted to increase the laser beam welding efficiency. The MOOC is divided into three sections represented below:SECTION 1: Basics of Laser Beam WeldingSECTION 2: Laser and Process EfficienciesSECTION 3: Methods to improve efficiency
Section 1: Basics of Laser Welding
Lecture 1 Overview
Lecture 2 Concept of Keyhole Welding
Section 2: Laser and Process Efficiencies
Lecture 3 Beam Quality
Lecture 4 Laser Electro Optical Efficiency
Lecture 5 Welding Process Efficiencies
Lecture 6 Common defects in Laser Welding
Lecture 7 Absorption as the key to Welding Efficiency
Section 3: Methods to improve efficiency
Lecture 8 Surface Modifications
Lecture 9 Preheating Techniques
Lecture 10 Ambient Condition Modifications
Beginner in Laser Welding


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