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ECDIS Route Manager

Year: 2023
Version: 1.8.37
Developer: Yury Komar
Platform: Windows
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
System Requirements: WinXP to Win11. Requires only NET Framework 4.0, which is by default having in Win10 and Win11, So no dependencies required to install on new Win OS.
Localization: english
Crack: Not needed
Description: Software is able to read routes generated by systems such as: Transas(Wärtsilä) Navi-Sailor/iSailor, ChartWorld eGlobe2, SPOS, Bon Voyage, GPS Furuno GP-170, ECDIS Furuno 3000, SAM Electronics, ECDIS MaxSea, JRC ECDIS, ImTech Seaguide, Sperry Marine and other most famous formats.
Can create new basic route with names and positions of waypoints.
Can save newly created or opened routes to many famous formats keeping dummy values to fulfill other fields.
Also may save as NATIVE CSV and make your own route using EXCEL, then load back in to the ECDIS Route Manager for further conversions.
With this software also could make a Batch Conversion of the different routes to a selected format. Helpful when you need to move all your routes from one format(equipment) to another one.
Application can show on World Map the route file you are opening (to get such option, you need to use map cache)
World Map Cache can be downloaded here:
A short review video of ECDIS Route Manager from YouTube also included.
Changes in 1.8.37
Added the TZD format from MaxSea TimeZero (read only)
Changelog and License text files included to release
. . . HISTORY . . .
I made this software to create, read and save electronic routes in various formats. Previously, the program was a simple Reader, but now it able to create a routes. I heard a lot of questions from people (navigators, navigational officers) who really need such software, and it was the impulse for its creation.
. . . PLANS . . .
The program will grow-up as needs arise and will be updated accordingly. You can follow the updates here on this website or use links above at the beginning of the page.
. . . COMMUNITY . . .
I would like to hear from all of you any ideas about what you would like to add, to remove and what to improve. Therefore, I will answer any questions with interest and hope for further productive co-operation. If you have a request to add a new format of routes, please specify from which equipment it is and attach the files, what I will use to work and test.
Discussion is highly appreciated.
Additional info: Manage routes of most famous formats such as RT3, RTZ, RTE, BVS, WPT, ROUTE, RTM and many others.


Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 33)
PolosatiyKot 01-Jun-2023 16:01
Возник вопрос как использовать глобальную карту - нет никакой кнопки "загрузить глобальную карту" или что-то в это роде. Возможно подскажете как можно реализовать такой функционал?
YuryKomar 05-Jun-2023 02:42
PolosatiyKot, Торрент вроде включает в себя кеш данной карты.
Если нет, то вам нужно скачать ее по ссылке на сайте программы. Внутри архива всего одна папка "WorldMap", ее нужно распаковать в папку с программой, рядом с EXE файлом.
Далее, если все правильно сделали, при запуске программы и открытии файла маршрута, появится кнопка ShowMap.
YuryKomar 05-Jun-2023 04:53
PolosatiyKot, Более того, актуальную версию (на данный момент 1.8.34) всегда можно скачать с сайта программы:
Если будет время, попробую добавить возможность использования простой векторной карты, тем самым уменьшив размер ПО и доступность карт для пользователей.
YuryKomar 05-Jun-2023 07:07
BobbyDigital, Такой задачи нет, это не так просто сделать. Да и собственно программа не о том совсем, превращать ее в подобие картографии не вижу смысла, так как всеравно "монстров" этого дела не переплюну.
А вот как конвертер с визуальным отображением маршрута на обычной карте - вполне себе, я считаю. Кому карта не нужна, просто не качайте ее.
YuryKomar 12-Jun-2023 17:49
Встречайте обновление
ECDIS Route Manager
(уже доступно на сайте)
+ Добавил новый формат RTX от SIMRAD Maris ECDIS900
+ В меню Options добавил возможность указать путь к папке с Оффлайн Картой
+ Добавлена ссылка на сервис доната Telegram_Donate
+ Добавлена ссылка на сервис доната VK_Donut
+ Исправлена ошибка изменения названия маршрута при переходе с карты в таблицу
+ ECDIS TOTEM: увеличено макс. кол-во экспортируемых точек до 299
+ Имена в формате RTX обрезаются до 39 знаков (так надо)
+ Added: New format RTX from SIMRAD Maris ECDIS900
+ Added: In menu "Options" you can select/change the path to Map Cache Folder
+ Added: donate service Telegram_Donate
+ Added: donate service VK Donut
+ Fixed error with route name changing when switch back from map to the table view
+ For ECDIS TOTEM increased max waypoints count for export till 299 pcs
+ Names in RTX trimmed till 39 symbols (SIMRAD restriction)
YuryKomar 14-Jun-2023 04:58
fyyz, If one Chinese man has made good overview of the ECDIS Route Manager and sale his works as instructions written by him for other peoples for 1 yuan...
I am, as the rights holder and the author of this software, see no problem as the application is presently has MIT license (see in-app "About..." window) and absolutely free of charge and redistribution.
Any way, thanks for the info, this is a good news for me, as for the author, that my software so useful and popular in the WORLD...
YuryKomar 15-Jun-2023 09:57
Для обладателей роут файлов от MaxSea TimeZero есть новость, разобрал и добавил возможность загрузить/открыть формат этого софта с типом файла TZD... Пока только открыть, сохранять в него не планирую, так как сам TimeZero успешно открывает и другие поддерживаемы форматы...
Обновлю позже версию на сайте...
YuryKomar 17-Jun-2023 08:07
Today issued a Hot-Fix for version 1.8.37:
✅ Fixed Internet connection check. It was an error when some ship's PC actually connected to the internet but it was not available for users, due to firewall has actually block it.
✅ Also, if no internet available to the user, the button "Check Updates" in "About..." window is disabled.
Thanks to Alex [TG: @wasssupf] for error notice and help with testing.
Asking everyone to update yours.
App starting time improved and takes maximum 1 second with or without the "Check updates on Startup" option enabled.
YuryKomar 21-Jun-2023 21:24
Updated to
+ Added saving to native WPT format for MaxSea
+ Added ability to download updated ZIP right from the app
+ Added ability to download and install updated version
(When update applied the application will be restarted at new version)
WPT format saves no route basic data, just waypoints and names, tested with MaxSea, and it is loaded successfully. So the people who use the MaxSea could be happy to know that now they are able to covert routes for the MaxSea and use it.
zxc 22-Jun-2023 11:25
VVZZXX, I agree with you that the distribution of the archive reduces the number of potential seeds, because many users delete the archive after downloading.
But I also note that many people have problems downloading releases with a folder. Antivirus can block certain files, the path length can be very large and the file will not be saved in certain versions of torrent clients, which will lead to a cyclic download. This is especially critical for Cyrillic file names.
According to our rules, it is preferable to create a torrent with a folder, but if there are prerequisites for the occurrence of the above problems, it is allowed to distribute an archive
YuryKomar 22-Jun-2023 19:45
zxc, VVZZXX, I see no problem, in view of looking for a way to update the app. Since latest version 1.8.38 I have added ability to download from in-app menu or directly "download and install/update" your existing version via app built-in menu.
Also, you can watch updates at or in telegram channel (all links available on a web site of the application).
See this picture:
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