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Predictive Maintenance

Year: 2023
Language: english
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Description: A complete training course on Predictive Maintenance Techniques
What you'll learn
Learn what predictive maintenance is and its implications
Learn Total plant management and Maintenance management through predictive program implementation
Learn how predictive maintenance can boost product quality up
Konwledge about the most important and diffused predictive maintenance technique
Learn how to calculate costs and benefits of a predictive maintenance program
Master vibration analysis, causes of vibrations, machines dynamics, mode shapes, resonance, critical speed, dynamics for the main type of mechanical components
Learn how to develop a database to collect vibration data
Learn the main instruments available to perform vibration analysis
Learn Thermography analysis
Learn Tribology techniques
Learn Ultrasonics analysis
Interest in industrial and maintenance engineering world!
Basic knowledge of maintenance engineering
Notepad, a pen and willing to learn!
"Master in Predictive Maintenance" is the complete guide for you to learn about this great mainteance tool. The course covers all the management implications and the techniques that relates to predictive maintenance. As maintenance engineers you will be able to start implementing a solid predictive maintenance program defining schedules and cost and designing it in every aspect. As a maintenance technicians you will find a lot of useful notions and practical suggestions on how to perform predictive analysis. The course starts by defining predictive maintenance and its perimeter, and it explains how this maintenance tool can improve production and product quality. Then the course goes on giving a general overview of the main predictive maintenance techniques that will be deepened in detail further on. Notions will be given about vibration monitoring, Thermography, Tribology, Ultrasonics, electric motor analysis, process parameters analysis, Visual inspections and other techniques.At this point details about program costs and benefits are given. The core part of the course deals with the main predictive techinques in details. Vibration analysis it's explained starting from the definition of vibration and going through the different aspects that relate to the practice of measuring and monitoring vibration, including the causes that originate them. Dynamics of different mechanical components will be described. Another important topic that relates to vibration analysis, is the implementation of a data collecting system and a database. Information will be given on how to analyze data collected and how to set alert and alarm limits.Lessons go further, giving students a panorama of the existing instruments and installed systems to measure vibrations and the main trending techniques.After vibration analysis thermography, tribology and ultrasonics are deepened.
Lecture 1 Definition of predictive maintenance
Lecture 2 Total plant and maintenance management
Lecture 3 Production management and quality improvement
Lecture 4 Vibration monitoring
Lecture 5 Thermography and tribology
Lecture 6 Process parameters and visual inspection
Lecture 7 Electric motor analysis
Lecture 8 Ultrasonic monitoring and other techniques
Lecture 9 Program Costs
Lecture 10 Benefits
Lecture 11 What is vibration
Lecture 12 Causes and characteristics of vibration
Students of industrial or mechanical engineering who want to learn about predictive maintenance,Process engineers or maintenance engineers who want to implement a predictive maintenance program in their organization,Maintenance personnel,Technicians,Anyone interested in maintenance engineering in general


Predictive Maintenance


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