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Fundamentals Of Electric Motor Drives With Induction Motor

Year: 2023
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Description: Master the fundamentals of electric motor drives and revolutionize your engineering skills
What you'll learn
Principle of Electric Motor Drive
Torque Speed Characteristics of Load and Motor
How to Select an Motor for an Application
How to Select a Speed Control Method
Various Voltage Control Methods
Various Rotor Resistance Methods
Various Frequency Control Methods
Role and Responsibility of Electric Motor Drive Specialist
And more
Basic Electrical Engineering and fundamentals of Induction Motor
Electric Drive is not only about the speed control of the motors, but it is about understanding the electric motor at work. Thus, understanding the operation of an electric motor is the first step. However, mastering the electric motor drive requires the ability to select an electric motor for specific applications, understand various speed control possibilities and selecting the best one for the application, improve efficiency and performance, and so on. As a result, the topic of electric motor drive is the most important for electrical engineers.This is an online course designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of electric motor drives, with a specific focus on induction motors.This course covers everything from basic principles of electric motor drive to advanced IM drive like VFD. This course also covers many important practical aspects which you may not find anywhere in the regular academic syllabus. Hello, I am Dr. Jignesh Makwana, Phd in Electrical engineering from IIT Roorkee with specialization in Electric Drive and Power Electronics. Although this course will be a great resource for the students who are studying the subject Electric Motor Drive as a part of engineering Curriculum, this course will become far more than just academic study. As I am currently associated with the Electric Motor Drive Industry, I know the real Industrial demand of Electric Motor Drive Specialists. As a result, I designed this course to produce skilled electric motor drive engineers with extensive knowledge and skill. This course is not limited to current content, but I will update it on a regular basis to include the most recent on-demand topics whenever possible. On the request of students, topics such as field oriented control, vector control drive, and direct torque control will be added to the same course. This means that any theoretical and practical topic related to AC Motor Drive will be covered in this course and is kept up to date on a regular basis. In addition, the course will cover topics such as how to select motor rating and protection for an application, how to select the speed control method for an application, and what the scope and opportunities are in the field of Electric Motor Drive.So, if you are an electrical engineer looking for an opportunity in the electric motor industry, simply enrol in the course and expand your knowledge and skills.


Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to an Electric Drive
Section 2: Torque Speed Characteristics
Lecture 2 Understand Load Torque Characteristics
Lecture 3 Understand Torque Speed Charactristics of the Motor
Lecture 4 Understand Motor on Load Situation with Torque Speed Characteristics
Lecture 5 Extend understanding of Motor on load with variation in load characteristics
Section 3: Introduction to an Electric Motor Drive
Lecture 6 Role of Electric Drive Engineer
Lecture 7 Applications of Electric Motors
Lecture 8 Type of Electric Motors
Lecture 9 Electric Motor Drive
Section 4: Equivalent Circuit and Equations of 3 Phase Induction Motor
Lecture 10 Derive torque speed equation
Lecture 11 Starting torque and max torque
Lecture 12 Simplified Equation for Low slip and high slip
Section 5: Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive
Lecture 13 5.1 Introduction to Speed Control System
Lecture 14 Open-Loop and Closed Loop Speed Control System
Lecture 15 Parameters of Electric Drive
Lecture 16 Eddy Current Coupling Speed Control
Section 6: Voltage Control Methods of Induction Motor Drive
Lecture 17 Stator Voltage Control
Lecture 18 Reduced Voltage Soft Starting
Lecture 19 Soft Starting with Isolation of Power Switches
Lecture 20 AC Regulator Based Induction Motor Drive
Section 7: Rotor Resistance Control of Induction Motor Drive
Lecture 21 Rotor Resistance Method of Speed Control
Lecture 22 Phase Control Rectifier Based Rotor Resistance Control of Induction Motor
Lecture 23 Chopper Based Rotor Resistance Control of Induction Motor
Lecture 24 Closed Loop Speed Control of IM with Chopper Based Rotor Resistance Control
Electrical Engineering Students studding Electric Drive,Electrical Engineering Graduates Looking for new opportunities in the Electric Motor Industry,Research Scholars working in the field of Electric Motor Drive


Fundamentals of Electric Motor Drives with Induction Motor


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