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The push to repeal the U.S. 40-year-old oil export ban has hit another hurdle as the bill aimed at making this happen is not backed by the White House.
“This is a policy decision that is made over at the Commerce Department, and for that reason, we wouldn’t support legislation like the one that’s been put forward by Republicans,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest is quoted by Reuters as saying at a briefing.
According to Earnest, the administration instead believes in pursuing an approach that also invests in renewable energy.
The American Petroleum Institute (API) urged the administration to reconsider its position, as outlined by a White House spokesman, that Congress should leave crude oil export decisions to the Commerce Department.
“The administration has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership by opening the door to U.S. exports, creating new jobs, helping American families, and strengthening America’s position as an energy superpower,” said API President and CEO Jack Gerard.
“Lawmakers are right to ask why U.S. producers shouldn’t have the same access to global markets that the administration would give Iran.”
“Fortunately, bipartisan support in the House and Senate continue to grow, and we’re optimistic that legislators will continue to make this issue a top priority in the days ahead.”
The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on repealing the ban later this month and based on current indications majority of Republicans are expected to support the repeal. So far, the bill on lifting the ban has gained support from 130 co-sponsors, including 14 Democrats.
The US Senate is also expected to vote on a similar legislation, however; it is yet unclear which side would prevail.
Lifting of the ban on exports has been strongly supported by the country’s oil producers on the one hand, nevertheless, one the other hand, environmentalists oppose the repeal as they fear it would pave the way for increased pollution of environment as drilling campaigns would become wider in scope intensifying their focus on the Arctic.
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