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High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials 7 (Volume 1)

Year: 2008
Language: english
Author: Pierre Steinmetz, Ian G. Wright & Others
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 1179
Description: The 7th symposium in this series again was held on Les Embiez Island, and was organized jointly by the University Henri Poincaré Nancy 1, INP-Grenoble, INP-Toulouse, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In the planning of this Symposium, emphasis was placed on encouraging a mix of papers that address fundamental as well as practical aspects of high-temperature corrosion and protection, and on poster presentations intended to engender discussion. By devoting attention to understanding the corrosion problems encountered by contemporary industry, and providing opportunities for extended interactions that could lead to approaches for improving the performance of materials and protective measures, the symposium was intended to serve a complementary function to that of the science-oriented Gordon Research Conference on High-Temperature Corrosion.
Session A—Materials And Coatings For Gas Turbines, in particular: lifetime issues; modes of failure; oxidation and hot corrosion; and trends and developments.
Session B—Power Boilers And Incinerators; H 2 , Syngas And Biofuels Production, in particular: advanced steam conditions; fireside corrosion; oxy-firing; use of alternative fuels; gasification; high-temperature electrolysis; and thermochemical processes.
Session C—High-Temperature Materials For Nuclear Processes, in particular: pressurized-water reactors; European pressurized reactor; high-temperature reactors; very high-temperature reactors; supercritical water-cooled processes; molten metals/molten salts; and fusion reactors.
Session D—High-Temperature Corrosion In The Process Industries, with emphasis on the steel industry; electrometallurgy; glass and ceramics production; refining; and the petrochemical and chemical industries.
Session E—High-Temperature Corrosion Of Functional Materials And Coatings, in particular: materials for automotive applications; burners; filters; and fuel cells.
Session F—Fundamentals, in particular: high-temperature corrosion/oxidation mechanisms; influence of water vapor; mechanism of coupling between oxidation and mechanical aspects; and development of new techniques for measurement and characterization of corrosion.
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