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The best of times, the worst of times: Maritime Security in the Asia-Pacific

Year: 2005
Language: english
Author: Joshua Ho, Catherine Zara Raymond
Genre: -
Publisher: World Scientific
Edition: 1
Pages: 312
ISBN: 981-256-321-0
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Description: "This timely and impressive volume should increase the likelihood that it may after all be possible to realise the late Michael heifer's vision of a stable, peaceful maritime regime in East Asia, allowing and obliging all states to manage their marine resources in accordance with the principles of international law, and without risk of tension and conflict."
Stein Tonnesson, Director, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO)
"The book is a pathfinder for policy and decision makers! The authors explore various facets of the maritime domain, its strengths and vulnerabilities, and even more importantly, our successes and failures to understand and better protect it. It is a must read both for the generalists and the specialists. Rohan Gunaratna, Head, International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, IDSS, Singapore
"This collection of works represents an extremely important and useful contribution to the understanding of contemporary maritime security in the Asia-Pacific region. The analyses, all from well-respected scholars in the field, are well researched and written, providing unique insight into an area that has traditionally been highly opaque in nature. The book will be critical reading for anyone who have a keen interest in the evolving dynamic of maritime security in the post-9/11 era."
Peter Chalk, Senior Analyst, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California


In Southeast Asia, maritime security has, over the last 20 years, taken on much
greater importance, due in part to the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of
the Sea (UNCLOS) and its archipelagic state and Exclusive Economic Zone
(EEZ) regimes. Regional seas contain rich marine resources, major sea lines
of communication (SLOCs) and a range of non-conventional threats such as
piracy, illegal migration, arms smuggling and maritime terrorism. Economic
development has provided die resources for maritime expansion amidst growing
reliance on foreign trade and energy. There is greater dependence on long
and vulnerable SLOCs in a region not without instability and the risk of conflict.
Whilst military spending in Europe declined as a result of the peace dividend
from tiie end of the Cold War, military spending has increased in the
Middle East and Asia, reflecting continuing concerns over security threats.
Much of this military spending has gone into improving and expanding maritime
security capabilities. This emphasis on maritime security has resulted in
new building programmes for the Chinese Navy, continuing investment in
naval capabilities by India and recent naval expansion programmes by countries
such as Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.
Competition for resources and strategic access may increase the potential for
conflict in maritime zones, especially in disputed areas of maritime jurisdiction
that may include SLOCs and choke points. Multilateral security cooperation
is thus required to manage emerging security threats in both the traditional
as well as the non-traditional domains.
This volume is a product of a conference organised by IDSS on "Maritime
Security in the Asia-Pacific". The volume begins by taking a look at
the regional maritime environment, from there it then examines the maritime
challenges that the regions faces, followed by an examination of the prospects
for regional cooperation. Both traditional and non-traditional security matters
are addressed in the volume. We hope that the analyses presented in this volume
will spark further debate among policy-makers and scholars, debate that
could generate policy alternatives and possible solutions to emerging security
vi The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
The Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies is pleased to have been
involved in this volume and the excellent contribution of the 12 scholars
is also gratefully acknowledged. We look forward to further collaboration
with scholars and other interested parties in studying the maritime security
issues of the Asia-Pacific.
Barry Desker
Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies


Foreword v
List of Contributors ix
Editors xv
Introduction 1
I. The Regional Maritime Environment
1. The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: The Global Maritime
Oudook 2004 13
James Boutilier
2. Regional Maritime Security Oudook: Nortiieast Asia 33
VADM (Ret) Hideaki Kaneda
3. Maritime Security Oudook for Southeast Asia 59
Rommel C. Banlaoi
4. Regional Maritime Dynamics in Southern Asia in the
21st Century 81
W. Lawrence S. Prabhakar
II. The Regional Maritime Challenges
5. Some Reflections on Maritime Boundary and Territorial
Disputes in die Asia-Pacific witii a Focus on die
Soutli China Sea 111
Peter Cozens
6. The Modernisation of Naval Forces in die Asia-Pacific: A Focus
on Three Northeast Asian Navies 139
Derek da Cunha
7. Terrorism in the Early 21st Century Maritime Domain 155
Rupert Herbert-Burns
8. Maritime Terrorism, A Risk Assessment: The Australian
Example 179
Catherine Zara Raymond
viii The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
III. Prospects for Regional Cooperation
9. Legal Implications of the Proliferation Security Initiative 215
Robert Beckman
10. Political Implications of the Proliferation Security Initiative 229
Seema Gahlaut
11. New Initiatives for Maritime Cooperation 251
Stanley B. Weeks
12. Maritime "Regime" Building 259
Sam Bateman
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