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Handbook for ROV Pilot/Technician

Year: 1998
Language: english
Author: C. Bell, M. Bayliss, R. Warburton
Genre: Handbook
Publisher: Oilfield Publications Limited
Edition: 3
ISBN: 1870945670
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR with errors
Pages count: 362
Description: All ROV businesseshavebeenbuilt upon the professionalismof their Pilots and Technicians.As new successful operationsgeneratenew skills,thisin turn prompts advancesin vehicletechnology,and this continuouscycleof changemakesthe life demandingand challenging.If there were any limits to the progressof ROV activitiesthey would be, in the end, setby the peoplewho actuallyknow and drive them.
In this refreshing handbook, the authors have skilfully brought together a great wealthof practicalknowledgeandexperienceof ROV operations, addressingall of the technical,operationalandmanagementdisciplinesin a clearandcomprehensive manner, aswell asincludingplenty of 'hard to find' technicalreferencedata. No matter whether you are a shore-basedmanager,operationssupervisor,system designer,interestedbystanderor actuallyat the sharpend "handson the sticks",it shouldbe kept closeby


Introduction.. ... 13
OffshoreSafety ..- l7
Typesof ROV- ... 31
OiishoreStructures ...... 39
RovApplications... ...47
ROV Ele-ctrical Systems .--...79
Useof TestEquipment Il7
ROV HydraulicSystems 131
High PressureHydraulicF-ittings... 167
ROV Hook-Up, Pre/Post Dive Checks... l7I
ElectricalMaintenance I75
Mechanical Maintenance. I87
EmergencyProcedures 197
Comriuniiations ..--. 203
UnderwaterVideo .. 207
Underwater Photography .....- 213
Seamanship ... -.--.-237
Drag,Buoyancy & Navigation.. ......;. .......269
fifofing St<lttsa tne Useof Sonar
QualityAssurance . 299
Theappendices containusefultechnical information& Datasheets .. 30


Оценка: 4.9 / 5 (Голосов: 11)
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