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axloo7 26-Авг-2018 06:40
After many many hours of enjoying this simulator i have run in to a problem. all of the PID controlled valves are stuck at there starting value when the sim starts. i have uninstalled and reinstalled many times to no avail.
after trying countless things to get it working again i have all but given up.
has anyone else had a similar problem?
any advice would be more than welcome.
Arcan 09-Окт-2018 17:43
Poseidon13, Have you heard about Google? It's a good idea to ask google about isz files:
"A file with the ISZ file extension is a Zipped ISO Disk Image file. They are compressed, and sometimes encrypted, ISO images created by EZB Systems for the purpose of saving disk space.
How to Open an ISZ File?
Though not free, EZB Systems UltraISO can not only create ISZ files but also open them"
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