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Controller Design, Analysis & Prototype for Ship Service Converter Module

Year: 1996
Language: english
Author: Benjamin D. Salerno
Genre: Research papers
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 142
Description: The Navy has invested in an effort to update the ship electrical distribution
system for new vessels. The new architecture divides the ship into specific zones
containing common energy conversion devices. Rather than the traditional AC
distribution, DC will be produced at the source ( a multiphase alternator connected to a
controlled rectifier). An integral part of the proposed DC distribution system is the Ship
Service Converter Module (SSCM) which acts as a buffer between a main DC bus and a
specific zone in the ship. Currently a research effort is underway to make available two
Reduced Scale Advanced Development (RSAD) lOOkW SSCMs for testing at the Naval
Surface Warfare Center, Annapolis. The Power Laboratory at the Naval Postgraduate
School is responsible for delivering two identical prototype controllers based on digital
signal processing for the RSAD SSCMs. The focus of this thesis is the design,
construction and testing of the prototype controllers. This engineering effort includes the
following: the analysis of the performance of various control algorithms through
simulation; the refinement of the selected algorithm; the design, assembly, and testing of
the controller and its supporting hardware; the development and testing of the software;
and the integration and testing of the complete system.



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