mertix57 ® 15-Jan-2019 04:24
I dint found any information about it. Any one can help me? İt's urgent.
SerTan 15-Jan-2019 05:13
ENC - that is Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) at ECDIS. I hope you know what is the ECDIS))) Otherwise there is no any sense to explain anything...
To say simply - ENC PRILEMENARY that can be Preliminary Notices to Mariners for ECDIS charts. - that may help a bit.
That would be more cleear, if you would give more info, in which content sentense ENC PRILEMENARY has been used. That may be anything else if you did not say full info from where you found that.
wa456 21-Aug-2019 01:51
PENC is an unpdate that will be included later as a permanent update, but at the current time it is included in AIO only with tomporary and priminaly notices.
GOOGLE BOT 21-Aug-2019 01:51
grikomari 31-May-2020 15:22
mertix57, ENC (P), this the name for permanent correction that are included earlier in the admiralty information overlay AIO in addition to T and P notices, this EP will be included later as permanent correction to the corresponding ENC and to removed from AIO.
the question why: be cause most ENC's are issued by local hydrographic services, UKHO has issued AIO to include T and P that are not included in the ENC, some corrections are marked to be added later as correction in ENC by the apprioprate hydraugraphic office, for this purpose UKHO has added the naming EP to show that this correction will be added later as a permanent correction or update to differentiate from T and P notices.
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