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Year: 2005
Author: Val Lambert & Elaine Murray
Publisher: «Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate», Harlow
Format: PDF
Language: english
Number of pages: 222
Quality: Scanned pages
Description: Книга и аудиозаписи для упражнений
This book is dedicated to the memory of Graham Lambert - a man of great courage and determination.
We would especially like to thank Ian Badger, Teresa Miller and Eileen Wasserman for their valuable comments and assistance throughout the writing process and the many students from UPM-Kymmene, Metso Paper, Goldwell GmbH and BMES for their help in piloting the materials.
Cover photograph copyright © Getty Images - Stuart Hunter


Introduction page 5
1 Working in Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
industry A manufacturing company Training
page 7 Products and markets Job responsibilities
Company size Being in charge
Company background Team-working Hours and holidays Shift systems
2 A tour of the Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
workplace Arriving A new installation
page 15 Location Speed and capacity
Describing the layout Explaining the process
Showing a visitor around Automation
3 Tools and Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
equipment Workshop facilities An inventory
page 23 The right tool for the job Measurements
In the storeroom The wrong size
An unfamiliar piece of equipment Describing things
4 Suppliers and Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
sub-contractors Choosing suppliers A service contract
page 31 Guaranteed supply Extended warranty
Extra staff A product guarantee
A new supplier A rush order An insurance policy
5 Buildings and Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
installations A new warehouse Phase 1 of a project
page 39 The building schedule A new stock system
Project planning Going live
Making progress An upgrade
6 Maintenance Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
page 47 A minor fault Preventive maintenance
Light or heavy use? Discussing frequency
Common problems Regular services
Jobs to do Non-urgent repairs
7 Troubleshooting Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
page 55 A personnel problem A computer virus
An electrical problem The wrong software
A problem in the office The screen is frozen
Mechanical problem 1 Internet problems
Mechanical problem 2 Memory problems
8 Safety in the Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
workplace A noisy environment Flammable materials
page 63 Warning signs The evacuation procedure
Hazards Dealing with a fire
Machine safety Accident 1: A cut hand Accident 2: An ankle injury Accident 3: A fall
9 Environmental Dialogues 1 Dialogues 2
matters Recycling Disposing of waste
page 71 Environmentally-friendly products Air pollution
Energy Water pollution Legislation
Word List page 79
Glossary page 83
Answers page 92


English for Work
The books in this series present and practise spoken English and practical writing for everyday communication; they feature key words and expressions which will help you in a wide range of work situations. The target language is introduced through short dialogues and texts, and developed in language notes and practice exercises.
The dialogues are recorded on an accompanying CD. The accents featured are predominantly British English, but comments on American usage are included in the notes.
At the back of each book there is a glossary which contains highlighted language from the dialogues. Translations of the glossary can be downloaded, in selected languages, from the Longman website, www.longman-elt.com.
The series is intended for pre-intermediate/intermediate level learners.
Everyday Technical English
Everyday Technical English is suitable for people already working in an industrial or technical environment, and for students in adult education classes, schools, colleges and universities.
The book concentrates on the core everyday technical language used across a variety of industries. We have tried to keep to a minimum the use of language related to specific industries.
A small amount of simple industry-specific language is sometimes used, however, to give a context to a dialogue.
In order to widen your knowledge of the language you might need in your work, you may find it useful to refer to the other titles in the English for Work series:
Everyday Business English Business Presentations Everyday Business Writing
How to use the book
You can work through the book from start to finish or choose a unit depending on your work needs.
Start a unit by listening to and repeating the Useful phrases. Then listen to the dialogues and study the accompanying notes. Certain phrases have been highlighted that have particular language features associated with them. However, it is worthwhile noting other phrases that appear in the dialogues, which are equally important and can also be seen as key phrases. There is a word list at the back of the book which gives simple explanations in English of less familiar vocabulary items. You can also use a dictionary if necessary to check your understanding of the language presented.
On the notes pages you will find boxes containing notes on the key differences between everyday British and American usage.
After studying the dialogues and notes, work through the exercises. You can refer back to the dialogues and notes as necessary and also use a dictionary to check any new language. Answers are given at the end of the book.
Finally, refer to the glossary at the back of the book and test yourself on your understanding of key expressions. Write translations of these expressions, again using a dictionary if necessary. Visit the English for Work page on the Longman website, www.longman-elt.com where you will find translations of the key phrases in a number of languages.
You can use this book for self study or with a teacher. Good luck and enjoy building your 'Everyday Technical English' skills!
Valerie Lambert and Elaine Murray, 2003
Some recommended materials to accompany the English for Work series:
Longman Business English Dictionary Penguin Quick Guides: Business English Phrases Penguin Quick Guides: Business English Verbs Penguin Quick Guides: Business English Words Penguin Quick Guides: Computer English
Rating: 4.9 / 5 (Votes: 41)

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