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Year: 2010
Version: 3.0
Developer: Joseph Parrello
Platform: Windows
System Requirements: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 x32 or x64
Localization: english
Crack: N/A
Description: This program shows data included inside an EDIFACT ("Electronic Data Interchange for Administration,
Commerce and Transport", term created by United Nations) file. EDIFACT files are used for electronic data format interchanging.

More Info

What's the purpose of this program?
This program shows the contents of an EDIFACT file.
What is an EDIFACT file?
An EDIFACT ("Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport") file is used in several work places for electronic data format interchanging.
Which are the limits of this program?
This program only shows data inside EDIFACT files, but it does not create an EDIFACT file. In order to generate EDIFACT files, please refer to commercial programs.
Which are the software requirements for using this program?
In order to use this program, Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating system is required.
This program has been verified under Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 SP6, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and even under OpenSuse Linux 11.1 + Wine. Under Windows 95 and under Windows NT 4, it's better to update the common control library (comctl32.dll). In Windows NT 4 and higher versions of NT family (2000, XP, 2003, Vista and so on), it is not required an Administrator user.
Which are the hardware requirements for using this program?
No particular hardware requirements are required in order to use this program, an Intel-compatible computer even dated is enough.
Does this program include spyware, adware or virus?
This program doesn't contain any kind of spyware, adware, viruses or other similar features. Anyway the executable file is verified at least from an antivirus program.
Do you need an Internet connection?
No, this program doesn't use any kind of resource on Internet.
Which kind of license is required for using this program?
This program is released as FREEWARE for personal/private/professional use. It is not suggested to use this program in Enterprise environments (for Enterprise environments it is better to refer to Enterprise software suitable for all kinds of EDIFACT files).
Is the source code provided with this program?
No source code is provided with this program, so the author has the copyright of the whole program, including the source code and binary code (the executable file). Currently there is no schedule for releasing an open-source license in the future.
Which are the characteristics of the source code of this program?
Source code has been written in C language using compiler Borland C++ 5.02 and using 32 bit standard Windows API. The Software Development Kit was for Windows 95 and NT 4, forcing the linker to use version 4.0 (excluding in this way all users of Windows 3.1 with 32 bit extensions and users of Windows NT 3.xx) to avoid any problem of compatibility. Source code uses some extensions of COMCTL32 library if this library has been updated to version 4.70 or higher, anyway this version is not specifically required. Source code uses a main procedure to interpret each single segment of the EDIFACT file, the contents of each segment of the file is passed to another procedure (called "parser") that will analyze the name of segment and will call the correct procedure. This allows to program to be modular and easily upgradeable. At debugging level, the Borland compiler includes a tool called CodeGuard that allows to have a particular static version of the executable file including the code for real-time monitoring of resources created and released from Windows (for example handles, graphic resources, files, memory allocation and memory release). This allows to keep watch each kind of behavior of the program in order to avoid dangerous crashes to the operating system due to heavy memory and resources leakage. The above mentioned static file requires a support file included in the compiler, unfortunately it is not distributable, so it is not possible to release the above mentioned executable file on Internet.


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