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SOLAS TRAINING MANUAL (Lifesaving Appliances & Survival Techniques)

Year: 2003
Language: english
Author: l.C. Brindle
Genre: Manual
Publisher: l.C. Brindle & Co.
Edition: 2
ISBN: 978-1-905195-16-9
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 197
Description: This Training Manual is suitable for use on board vessels of various types engaged on international voyages and on vessels that operate within their own domestic confines but which carry lifeboats.
The document fully complies with Regulation 35 of the 1996 amendments to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea 1974. which requires that SOLAS vossols carry such a Manual, and with the requirements relating to European domestic vessels and various UK Codes of Practice.
The purpose of the Manual is to provide all members of the crew with information about lifesaving appliances and survival techniques, and the meaning of the ship's alarms Whilst every effort has been made to provide up-to-date information the reader must be aware that regulations and performance standards are frequently upgraded, and that continuous research into survival medicine and equipment advances mean that the data provided should be cross checked with other current sources.
The Manual should be read in conjunction with the ship owner's and captain's Standing Orders, and interpreted as applicable for individual vessels. This may be particular y important when considering the evacuation procedure and survival craft arrangements in high sided vessels, passenger vessels, ships with special design features and vessels with limited crews.
Where reference is made to statutory and SOLAS requirements only the broad, general requirement has been stated. The detail relating to an individual vessel may vary depending on the flag authority and the age and type of vessel.
This Manual may be used as a framework and reference source for those oersonnei whose duty it is to give instruction to others of the vessel s company in the purpose and use of l fesavmg equipment; the procedures for abandonment; and the best methods ot survival. Additionally, it is intended as a reference source for all personnel and a copy a should be provided in each crew mess room and recreation room in order that there is ready access to the contents.
See also Fire Training Manual - I.C.Brindle [2012, PDF]


1 Emergency Response 1
Muster Lists & Emergency Instructions 3
Musters. Drtls 8 Contingency Plans 6
Emergency Signals 8
Internal Watertight Doors 9
Escape Routes 12
2 Personal Protective Eauloment 17
Lifeiackels 8 Buoyancy Aids 19
i minors on Swts 8 Anti Exposure Suits 24
thermal Protective Aids 27
3 Survival Cratl 29
Lifeboats 31
Rescue Boats & East Rescue Boats 40
Liferafts 43
Marine Evacuation Systems 50
Means ot Rescue 51
Buoyant Apparatus 52
4 Launching Aoohances 53
General Requirements 55
Lifeboat Launclwg & Recuverv 56
Rescue Boat Launching & Recovery 62
Literati Launcfvng 64
Means of Rescue launching & Recovery 72
illumination in lainching Areas 73
Protection in Launching Areas 74
5 Use Ot Survival Craft Eauioment 75
Glass F<xe Repairs 77
Infl&laMe Fabric Repairs 81
Sea Anchors 82
Signalling Eqiapment 84
6 Radio Equipment 89
Emergency Position Inacabng Radio Beacons 93
Scorch and Rescue Radar Transponders 94
Hand-held GMOSS Radios 95
Emergency Radio Massages 96
& Line Throwing Appliances
Safe Handling of Pyrotechnics 101
Types and Use ot Pyrotechnic 102
Line Throwing Appliances 105
8 Lrfebuovs and Attachments 107
9 Manoverboard Recovery 111
Locatng the Casually 113
Recovering the Casuaty 117
10 Survival 119
Survivat Ditfcutties 8 Factors 121
Abandonment 123
Abandoning & Entewig the Water 125
After Abandoning 8 Actions in a Survival Craft 130
immersion 6 CoM Shock 135
Hypothermia 8 Near Drownng 139
Principles ot Survival 146
Survival Cratt Ailments 151
Survival Resume 157
Search & Rescue Hutmopter Operation Rescue by Surface v« Coastguard Rescue
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