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LNG Custody Transfer Handbook GIIGNL

Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: GIIGNL
Genre: Technical book
Edition: 5th
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 179
Description: This fifth (2017) edition of the GIIGNL LNG
Custody Transfer Handbook reflects GIIGNL’s
understanding of best current practice at the
time of publication.
The purpose of this handbook is to serve as a
reference manual to assist readers to
understand the procedures and equipment
available to and used by the members of GIIGNL
to determine the energy quantity of LNG
transferred between LNG ships and LNG
terminals. It is neither a standard nor a

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This handbook is not intended to provide the
reader with a detailed LNG ship-shore custody
transfer procedure as such, but sets out the
practical issues and requirements to guide and
facilitate a skilled operator team to work out a
suitable procedure for a specific LNG ship-shore
custody transfer application.
The fifth version comes as a quick follow-up and
update of the fourth edition (2015) which
provided, for the first time, a useful insight in
the relatively new (commercial) opportunities
resulting from the rapidly changing market
conditions: new technical solutions and different
operations such as partial (un)loading, reloading
at LNG import terminals, ship-to-ship LNG
transfer and LNG transfer from an onshore
terminal to small scale LNG carriers. More than
pointing at the differences and highlighting the
points of attention when dealing with these new
operations, this fifth version provides answers
and solutions for setting up (slightly) altered or
new custody transfer procedures. As a reminder,
it is not specifically intended to work out
procedures for overland LNG custody transfer
operations involving LNG trucks, containers or
trains, or for small scale LNG transfer such as
bunkering or refueling of ships and trucks. For
these, kind reference is made to the GIIGNL
Retail LNG / LNG as a fuel handbook.


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