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Navi-Planner 4000. VirtualBox Workstation with Win 7(En) x86 (Lite)

Year: 2015
Version: 2.0.344 (build 0016)
Developer: TRANSAS
Platform: Any platform with ability to install VirtualBox
64-bit OS compatibility: yes
System Requirements: VirtualBox installed with RAM 2048 mb and video memory 32 mb at least. Use downloaded file as Virtual disk.
Localization: english
Crack: Included
Description: Here is virtual engine with installed Navi-Planner. You can use it for learning purposes only.
With this software you can do:
- Handling of Routes and Schedules
- Handling of Voyage Plan
- Handling of Electronic Charts and Chart Information
- Handling of Maps
- Handling of Tides and Currents
- Handling of Weather Forecasts
- Handling of Piracy Data
More information how to do all above tasks you can find in the manual or in the CBT
Additional info: Thanks to Ustjur
When you will be asked for Connection to Pure Slave Server - just press Cancel button.


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cvaigon 25-Фев-2018 15:51
Люди, кому не жалко времени , скиньте в "личку" снимок с экрана- район Обской губы (Новый порт и Сабетта )в максимальном увеличении, заранее спасибо.................
Если,конечно , кому-то удалось установить "сие чудо"....................
cvaigon 25-Фев-2018 17:19
Люди ,вот решил "покапать" насчет ВВП Восточной части РФ, и нашел это чудо.
Если кто пользовался или купил- отпишитесь .
Ответ, можно в "личку"................
Arcan ® 13-Апр-2018 08:04
alper555, First of all - type in Google "Oracle VirtualBox", then go to site and read carefully - what is this "Oracle VirtualBox" and how to use it. And only after that, probably, you will have a wish to open the file.
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