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ECDIS Model Course 1.27

Year: 2000
Language: english
Author: IMO
Genre: Training courses
Publisher: IMO
Edition: 1th
ISBN: ISBN 92-801-6112-1
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Pages count: 86
Description: Foreword
Since its inception the International Maritime Organization has recognized the importance
of human resources to the development of the maritime industry and has given the highest
priority to assisting developing countries in enhancing their maritime training capabilities
through the provision or improvement of maritime training facilities at national and regional
levels. IMO has also responded to the needs of developing countries for postgraduate
training for senior personnel in administration, ports, shipping companies and maritime
training institutes by establishing the World Maritime University in Malmo, Sweden, in 1983.
Following the earlier adoption of the International Convention on Standards of Training,
Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, a number of IMO Member
Governments had suggested that IMO should develop model training courses to assist in
the implementation of the Convention and in achieving a more rapid transfer of information
and skills regarding new developments in maritime technology. IMO training advisers and
consultants also subsequently determined from their visits to training establishments in
developing countries that the provision of model courses could help instructors improve the
quality of their existing courses and enhance their effectiveness in meeting the
requirements of the Convention and implementing the associated Conference and IMO
Assembly resolutions.
In addition, it was appreciated that a comprehensive set of short model courses in various
fields of maritime training would supplement the instruction provided by maritime
academies and allow administrators and technical specialists already employed in maritime
administrations, ports and shipping companies to improve their knowledge and skills in
certain specialized fields. IMO has therefore developed the current series of model courses
in response to these generally identified needs and with the generous assistance of
These model courses may be used by any training institution and the Organization is
prepared to assist developing countries in implementing any course when the requisite
financing is available.


Part A: Course Framework
Part B: Course Outline and Timetable
(1) List of principal ECDIS subjects (training areas)
(2) Inter-relationships between principal ECDIS subjects
(3) Proposed course timetable (1 week)
Part C: Detailed Teaching Syllabus
Part D: Instructor Manual
1 General
2 Preparation and conducting of simulator exercises
3 Lesson plans
4 Guidance on specific subject areas
Appendix 1: Examples of Situations and Actions for the Development of Scenarios
Appendix 2: Example of "Errors of Interpretation"
Annex: Resolution A.817(19): Performance Standards for Electronic Chart Display and
Information Systems (ECDIS)
Resolution MSC.64(67) annex 5 [amending resolution A.817(19)]
Resolution MSC.86(70) annex 4 [amending resolution A.817(19)]


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