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Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: ANAVE
Publisher: Spanish Shipowners Association
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 15
Description: The publication released by the Spanish Shipowners Association will provide required guidance to the PSC inspection in connection with the provisions of the BWM Convention. This is just a compact booklet but it still provides concentrated information about the most important aspects to consider.


The opening page of the paper will explain to which of the vessels the Convention is not applicable - obviously, these are vessels without the ballast tanks or having those tanks sealed. The companies having such ships in their fleet shall provide the captains with the instructions so that they ensure that, when asked for the PSC inspection certificate, they will claim that their vessel is not designed to carry the ballast water and is therefore not bound; they shall also preset the stability booklet proving this statement.
Then the content of the booklet covers the national cabotage and what shall be taken into consideration in cabotage trades, certification paperwork and additional documents, preparing to the PSC initial inspection etc. In addition, the booklet contains useful check list to e used for ensuring due compliance with D-1 standard and list of detainable deficiencies.


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