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The Speed and Power of Ships

Year: 1910
Language: english
Author: D. W. Taylor
Genre: Textbook
Publisher: JOHN WILEY & SONS
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 328
Description: THE intention of this work is to treat in a consistent and connected
manner, for the use of students, the theory of resistance and
propulsion of vessels and to give methods,, rules and formulae which
may be applied in practice by those who have to deal with such
matters. The contents are based largely upon model experiments,
such as were initiated in England nearly half a century ago by Mr.
William Froude and are now generally recognized as our most effective
means of investigation in the field of resistance and propulsion.
At the same time care has been taken to point out the limitations
of the model experiment method and the regions where it ceases
to be a reliable guide.
During the years that the author has directed the work of the
U. S. Experimental Model Basin many results obtained there have
been published in the Transactions of the Society of Naval Architects
and Marine Engineers and elsewhere, so, naturally, the
experiments at the U. S. Model Basin have been made large use of
wherever applicable. It will be found, however, that they are in
substantial agreement with the many published results of the
work of other experimental establishments of this kind.
Although the coefficients and constants for practical application
are mainly derived from the author's experience at the Model
Basin and elsewhere, and are necessarily general in their nature,
endeavor has been made wherever possible to develop formulae
and methods in such a manner that naval architects and engineers
using the book may, if they wish, adopt their own constants derived
from their special experience.



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