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Storm Surge

Year: 200?
Author: Taylor Anderson
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 44
Description: In the Pacific , as USS Wlker is repaired and updated afetr a previous batlle and Matt Reddy is healing from his wounds , planning begins for a bold raid on the very heart of the girk Empire
But time is running out for the Alliance army in Indiaa, and the the Allied forces in the west must gather in an unprecedented land , air , and sea campaign to destroy the mighty Grik batlle fleet and break through to their relief . All othet plans go on hold when the attempt proves more difficult and more heartbreacking costly then anyone imagined
Menanwihle , the struggle continues on other fronts near and far : in the jungles of Borneo in distant southern Africa and in the Americas , where the Alies are finally learning the terriblle truth about the twisted dominion.
Rating: 5 / 5 (Votes: 2)
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