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Design and Operation of Tankers

Year: 2011
Language: english
Author: The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Genre: International Conference
Publisher: The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Edition: 8 – 9 July 2011
ISBN: 1-905040-85-7
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 637
Description: Collection of papers regarding design and operation of tankers submitted to the International Conference in Athens, Greece between 8-9 July, 2011.


Triality, A VLCC for the Future
S Schwalenstöcker , A Ellefsen, Det Norske Veritas, Norway
Ship Design for Minimal Fuel Consumption in Everyday Use
G.P.J.J. Hagesteijn and P.M. Hooijmans, MAritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN)
"To Measure is to Know" – Quantifying Energy Performance to Improve Propulsion Efficiency in Tanker Operations
Visa Roine, Eniram Ltd, Finland
Technical Fuel Conservation Policy and Hull and Propeller Performance
T Munk, Propulsion Dynamics Inc, Denmark, D Kane, Propulsion Dynamics Inc, USA
Implementation of a Tanker Energy Efficiency Management Plan for a VLCC
R-J Kariranta, Onboard-NAPA, FINLAND
Voyage Decision Support: A System for Optimizing the Planning and Real-Time
Conduct of Tanker Voyages

J H R Hansen, Low Carbon Shipping AS, Norway
Coatings and Permanent Means of Access – The Anti-Corrosion Challenges
J P Lomas, Amtec Consultants Ltd, UK, P D Contraros PDC Maritime SA, UK
G. Papadakis, AP&A Ltd, UK.
Tanker Hull Structure Cracks: Costs, Benefits of Prevention,Framework for Management and Remedy
H Polezhayeva, LR , UK, M Norwood, LR MARTEC, Canada
T Ward, Fairlead Maritime , UK
Managing Corrosion of Stainless Steel Pipes and Heating Coils
LM Callow, Amtec Corrosion UK and G Papadakis, AP&A Ltd, UK
Better Economics with a Safer Tanker
P. C. Sames, Germanischer Lloyd SE, Germany A. Papanikolaou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
S.Harries, FriendShip Systems GmbH, Germany
K. P. Coyne, Germanischer Lloyd SE, USA
Exploring Options to Reduce Fuel Consumption
J Knott, BMT TITRON (UK) Limited, UK
J Buckingham, BMT Defence Services Limited, UK
An Overview of Shuttle Tanker Requirements for Operation Offshore Brazil
L. G. Motta, ABS, Technology and Business Development, Europe Division, Greece
Isaias Q. Masetti , TRANSPETRO, Gerson Machado, SOLIDO ENGENHARIA Ltd.
Corrugated Bulkheads Designs of Tankers
H Suga and T Hayashi, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK), Japan
Mapping of Toxic Vapours on Board of Tankers
W Jacobs, E Floren, D Luyckx, P Bueken, J van Beeck and R Van Grieken, Antwerp
Maritime Academy, Von Karman Institute, Antwerp University, Belgium
Simulation of External Application of SuSy Devices on an Aframax Tanker that has Been Structurally Compromised
Zilakos I.K., Karatzas V.A., Chatzidouros E.V., Papazoglou V.J.
National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Shipbuilding Technology
Laboratory, School of Naval Architecture Marine Engineering
Tanker Damage Stability: What are the Issues and Solutions?
K. Hutchinson Babcock International Group
A L Scott Maritime and Coastguard Agency UK
Minimising the Risk of Coating Selection to Optimise Tanker Operation
M R Kattan , R L Townsin , A J Kirkwood Safinah Ltd
D.Brodderick , Safinah Ltd/University of Newcastle upon Tyne
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