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The Voyage of the Cormorant: A Memoir of the Changeable Sea

Year: 202
Language: english
Author: Christian Beamish
Type: audiobook
Audio codec: MP3
Audio bitrate: 64
Description: Christian Beamish, a notable writer for The Surfer's Journal, has done what every guy since Huck Finn has dreamed of doing: making his own boat and sailing it to paradise, with adventures along the way.
Christian Beamish, a former editor at The Surfer's Journal, envisioned a low-tech, self-reliant exploration for surf along the coast of North America, using primarily clothes and instruments available to his ancestors, and the 18-foot boat he would build by hand in his garage. How the vision met reality - and how the two came to shape each other - places The Voyage of the Cormorant in the great American tradition of tales of life at sea, and what it has to teach us.

sanet.st_The Voyage of The Cormorant A


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