Do we need books from open sources?

YES (I will choose myself what to download)
69% [ 56 ]
NO (let's not trash the tracker)
30% [ 25 ]

Total Votes : 81

AntaresEnif 02-Apr-2022 00:22
I am on the fence about it, I see a benefit to people like me who may not have consistent enough data to download from a website. However sometimes it has been a bit annoying to discover a file you've been fussing over is actually available online elsewhere. I am currently downloading 4 different ones from New England ropes to put uo after getting frustrated with the 98% finished no seed version on, going digging and discovering it was available direct from the manufacturer. There are actually quite a few files I've found this with.
I prose the following for consideration:
1. A section dedicated to this sort of open source data which also includes a requirement for the links to source when posting, and filenames to remain original. This has an added benefit 4 ways that I can see.
A) Those who prefer not to download easily available stuff from the original source here, can do so from the source by following the link.
B) in the event of loss of seeders, anyone can download originals and get the seed pool to completion.
C) New users can put in the leg work to download seedable files from the original source without using precious server resources or Seatracker bandwidth. This leads to a potential way for new members to provide a service within a predefined set of parameters, training wheels for uploading if you will. This might limit problem uploads to one section, if it doesn't do that as is, perhaps a rule that new members must download 3 files from source in the section and start seeding them to be granted upload permissions. I look at the constant grief I had at first, would have been less embarassing to be doing that learning in a dedicated section.
D) It avoids users getting annoyed as I have when discovering that files they had spent a lot of time fussing with to get downloading are both available direct from the original source, and newer better editions as well.
E) Just because things are out there now does not mean they always will be. I have amassed a collection of Bowditch for example, 20 editions I think ranging from 1st edition in early 1800s to the latest release from the US Govt. Same applies for NOAA ENCs and so on, I have been starting to collate the various sources for charts worldwide, it's a lot of digging and a lot of pain in the butt, but is giving me a nice backup chart set for much of the world for little cost. OWNI chartplotters have their own version as well, I have heard a rumour that it's a decrypted current map conversion. Would be reallllllly nice to get that working in openCPN say, instead of running off old CM93V2s, or cobbling together hodge podges of different applications to run the different areas covered by various current sources here and the headaches involved in cracked files, license numbers needed etc. I want a simple chart plotter with worldwide maps, as a universal backup of sorts. It is proving quite the headache. I also look at sources like the celestial nav forum, some quite utterly irreplacable knowledge and documents are there, but it's fragile, if the server goes poof...
skipper3362 02-Apr-2022 01:44
AntaresEnif, what we mean is that we not must flood the site with free hands out from other site like the class buros
the have move money an cappacity to do this
and you get the file direct as a pdf file and not have to convert frist in to a torrent file
if you need something from them you go directly to the and you do not think on us
, only wenn you can not find somethink ore you ore on the lookout for special thinks you think on us.
that we mean it is not gone be a ban , but we try to prevent flooding the site with only that kind of posts
also it is not so far to other that do a lot of work to find value post , ore find books them self , buy books them selfs , do all the scanning work for it and all the work for posting it here, thats also why the reputaion limit comes in we have here to much takers and not engough posters.
i can say it siimple wenn every body made one ore two post here we had alle the books you want here and also there was no need for a reputation limit
and for the poster we are not in a race to post so much as posibel even with out topic , ore how bigger the post you can find the beter, ore a other post this so i had to get over him, and wenn in this the flooding becoms the norm we have to say something about it and do something about it , so it not only i download what i want becaue that is for everone a other think , be we are here also looking for the future of the site,
and we want you to come back for special stuff and not go to al lot of free handout that those site far better in ther then we are. has more money and more server room we do not have to distrubute that for them
so this is also looking at the bigger picture
if you come here for programmas you hope that the will work and not get version that works only in part of for a smal time als because wenn the are big is will be a disapointment then.
because the poster has maybe the room to do it and the server does ,, but the have to keep in mind that the member maybe have not,
he can be limitemed because of his phone ore pc , by his local datalimit from his provider , ore the slow speed at sea ore from his one provider, and some forget that also
and that there for some post are not engough seeder , that can be because we found out that sometimes also the torent client can make a failure in the hash code without knowing from the poster.
ore a other reason the post left the site
ore the last one we simple does not have engough seeder , because other take the file and then remove it from there client , so it is not share with other
and that can mean that is is here but still in a limited place , and then you have to wait because the people are seeding have most of the time a lot of files online and there is i limit in how much connections the client can handel in one time , so there will bwe formed a waiting line, nd the moment you goff line then you lose you spot en have to start over again wenn you go online again so that why it sometimes taker a whill befor you can get the file.
but again that is a problem that we do not have to many active members that also post , but also seed
and for those how are seeeding we have a reward in the form of the ratio limit , so if you have that you still can also get reputation post because there are most of the time two limit one is ration and the other is reputation , , , so if you have one of the two you can load the file , you dont have to be both.
reputation you will not lose , ore you have to do stupid thinks ,, you ratio can change with the amout you download , but bij seeding you can bring it up again
AntaresEnif 02-Apr-2022 06:51
Sorry, My message was in response to the original question by @ZXC, not complaining about the working of the server. I outlined specific types of files I feel might meet the objectives of the server, some of which I am working on collecting at the moment, some of which others who know more about computers will be better suited to sorting out. The ability to run open CPN and have at least a reasonable level of detail in worldwide charts I think would be quite a suitable choice, I'm starting to work on that a bit, but it's slow going, many hands would make much lighter work of it. So far most of my uploads have required a fair amount of effort to make them cather than a single titles from an author from another tracker, copy, paste and upload. I think that practice can add value here, and with a section for open books and sources, could be useful all around.
Even as simple as instead of a section have a tag for it, or something, so they can slot into the existing tracker/forum structure but reduce the frequent uploading of such things without them being tagged as a search of the tracker would show them already here and tagged as such.
Secondly, with regards to the free resources, I mentioned a few I have originally downloaded from here, but found better copies from the source. If there was a section where they were uploaded and documented as coming from a free source, it would cut them from getting mixed up elsewhere on the site. Tt the time of download I didn't know that there was a source, that's why I suspect that a designated section for such material, and a requirement to link source would help smooth that out, as well as creating easy to download elsewhere and seed objectives for beginners instead of the trial and error with uploading I went through here. Never uploaded before, and at least my first 4 uploads were annoying to others. By downloading from the other source and pointing the existing site torrent file to the media, it's a good half step. Like training wheels on a bicycle, without disrupting the site as a whole with a lot of dead uploads.
Case in point, I have been fussing around trying to get the New England Ropes splicing guide to download from here, it turns out that there are much better older versions that cover more areas, and a newer version with the latest updates. I'm working on a package of that at the moment.
Other resources like the celestial nav forum contain books that are not hosted anywhere else, if they go down, those resources do too, I think that is a second category that could be beneficial. Also putting together a pack based on publication date, while "free", they are an absolute pain to get ahold of, sort, save, and build proper PDFs from etc.
Of course I will respect whatever is decided, but I do see the potential to reduce created problems, and to provide some valuable resources in a way that isn't being done elsewhere at this time.
ClaireVoyant 22-Aug-2023 20:05
Personally: yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Many great things I have been finding here are open access books, and I usually only realize they are available elsewhere as I go look for information to date a release of unknown year, or when a download has been stalled for a while with no seeds and so I get it from the source, force recheck it and become a seed myself. I would never even realize most of those things even existed if not for their presence on seatracker!
Seatracker has quickly become my one-stop for maritime documentation and an of the sea. There is, IMHO, huge value in not only cataloguing and neatly compiling this treasure trove of information, but also in ensuring its preservation - because "open access" is only open access until somebody decides to pack up their toys and go home like the left-pad developer did when he broke half the internet.
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