Zlatomip ® 09-Feb-2023 11:59
Ребят, всем привет.
Есть у кого то таблицы, или програмки, с помощью которых можно узнать вес/обьём топлива в танке...
Нужно чтобы можно было учитывать температурные поправки... (бункеруют то при 50 градусах...)... чтобы не обмануться при бункеровке.
Заранее благодарю.
skipper3362 09-Feb-2023 14:57
Zlatomip, +there is no standart calulation for that
because it depends on the tnak of the ship it self
so you have the figuur of that by what level you have somuch m3
amd if you know the sort mass off the product and the temp you can calulate what is inthere
in wight ore in volume
the tables for the tabks are caculate with water
and you have to know if a tank is + ore -
some tank give more then there is in ther according the table ore less
then you need the density of the product and temp and then you can calute the amount en then you can see ore the volume ore the wight is the right way ore there is a diffrence
but is start with the tank it self ,
is there alsready procduct in there and you know the right amout with the right temp
and what you get extra in there and if it is a diffrenant temp them it will affect the procdut whats is in there also so the volume can get bigger of smaller is de temp get higher ore lower during taking the product
and then still it is posibel to get diffrent outcoms
wenn you have a alter dessity meter
ore a alterd temp meter
if you do not know if you have a + ore minus tank
so ther can be a diffrence by de flow meter on shore and in to the tank because of this als , that do not means directly it stealing,, thats why most of the time a survuyer will come to check it as nutral party
he wil use certified matertial to do the measurements
twicer 09-Feb-2023 15:17
Attachments BUNKER ON BOARD.xls (173 KB, Downloaded: 102 times)
artyukhalex72 01-Mar-2023 01:52
Zlatomip, привет! Есть на Дзене канал для судовых механиков. Там много разных видосов по нашей теме ЭМХ, подпишешься и тебе скинут ссылки на скачивание. Есть очень толковые программки в Excel. Ссылка на этот канал: https://dzen.ru/id/63fe53c48fbf...5b?share_to=link
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