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Marinus - Boating rules

Year: 2016
Version: 4.2.7
Developer: MarinusApps
Platform: Android
System Requirements: Android 2.2+
Localization: english
Description: Marinus ColRegs is the APP of the navigation rules!
Designed by and for the maritime and nautical people, that resolve your doubts in any moment and anywhere. Is the app indispensable onboard of your sail or power boat!
Include the next sections:
• Flags: with every letter and significant.
• Meteo: Beaufort and Douglas scale, and clouds.
• Sonuds
• Lights: with a detail view of every vessel in every angle.
• Day shapes
• Maneuvers
• Morse
• Buoys IALA
• Radio
• ColRegs: all the International Regulation for Preventing Collsions at Sea (IRPCS, Rules of the road, Collision rules) in text.
• Quiz
• Map

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CTAPOBEP 09-Мар-2018 01:06
Бро ты супер , три месяца искал прогу после того как ее сделали платной Одобряю Весело Может по пиву? Гуд!
Плюс лайк и Уважение за труд однозначно
Демо версия с картой глубин на 365 дней горит в лицензии Может по пиву?
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