skipper3362 12-May-2019 19:52
go one with the negitive stuff and you get a negitive reputation
reputation is here fore a reason
we have more then 178 thousend member and only 14 of them a responsible for the most postings
other come bay and only take , can even say thank you
you can not ask from the 14 person to pay for evey book and do nothing you self
if this forum is gonne work we heave to do it together , so find some stuf what is not already here post it here en is is ferry easy to get a reputation
but is you laysy and think everone have to to it for you , then you dont get some stuff here because of this , but thats up to you
o by the why you can become a vip member and the you are supporing the forum also but then you have to invest money ioin to this forum , and you want everthing for free
ther is al lot of work goning in to these forum en posting by other
respect them
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