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Year: 2010
Language: english
Author: Randolph Pauling, William Vorus
Genre: Техническая литература
Publisher: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Издание: First Printing
ISBN: ISBN 978-0-939773-75-6
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Number of pages: 62
Description: The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers is experiencing remarkable changes in the Maritime Industry
as we enter our 115th year of service. Our mission, however, has not changed over the years . . . “an internationally
recognized . . . technical society . . . serving the maritime industry, dedicated to advancing the art, science
and practice of naval architecture, shipbuilding, ocean engineering, and marine engineering . . . encouraging the
exchange and recording of information, sponsoring applied research . . . supporting education and enhancing the
professional status and integrity of its membership.”
In the spirit of being faithful to our mission, we have written and published significant treatises on the subject
of naval architecture, marine engineering, and shipbuilding. Our most well known publication is the “Principles
of Naval Architecture.” First published in 1939, it has been revised and updated three times – in 1967, 1988, and
now in 2008. During this time, remarkable changes in the industry have taken place, especially in technology, and
these changes have accelerated. The result has had a dramatic impact on size, speed, capacity, safety, quality, and
environmental protection.
The professions of naval architecture and marine engineering have realized great technical advances. They include
structural design, hydrodynamics, resistance and propulsion, vibrations, materials, strength analysis using
finite element analysis, dynamic loading and fatigue analysis, computer-aided ship design, controllability, stability,
and the use of simulation, risk analysis and virtual reality.
However, with this in view, nothing remains more important than a comprehensive knowledge of “first principles.”
Using this knowledge, the Naval Architect is able to intelligently utilize the exceptional technology available
to its fullest extent in today’s global maritime industry. It is with this in mind that this entirely new 2008 treatise
was developed – “The Principles of Naval Architecture: The Series.” Recognizing the challenge of remaining relevant
and current as technology changes, each major topical area will be published as a separate volume. This
will facilitate timely revisions as technology continues to change and provide for more practical use by those who
teach, learn or utilize the tools of our profession.
It is noteworthy that it took a decade to prepare this monumental work of nine volumes by sixteen authors and
by a distinguished steering committee that was brought together from several countries, universities, companies
and laboratories. We are all especially indebted to the editor, Professor J. Randolph (Randy) Paulling for providing
the leadership, knowledge, and organizational ability to manage this seminal work. His dedication to this arduous
task embodies the very essence of our mission . . . “to serve the maritime industry.”
It is with this introduction that we recognize and honor all of our colleagues who contributed to this work.
Rating: 4.7 / 5 (Votes: 21)

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