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Life-Saving Appliances Including LSA Code

Year: 2017
Language: english
Author: International Maritime Organization
Genre: Convention (rules)
Publisher: IMO
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages + text layer
Pages count: 288
Description: The International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) Code provides international requirements for the life-saving appliances required by chapter III of the 1974 SOLAS Convention, including personal life-saving appliances like lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits, anti-exposure suits and thermal protective aids; visual aids, such as parachute flares, hand flares and buoyant smoke signals; survival craft, such as liferafts and lifeboats; rescue boats; launching and embarkation appliances and marine evacuation systems line throwing appliances; and general alarm and public address systems.

You can buy it on https://www.imo.org

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DimKaff 02-Jun-2019 14:46
We cannot help you enough for your help. Publications like this are so helpful for people like me. I'm a new 2nd Officer and these will help me a lot in my career.
Thank you.
okkkko 31-Jan-2020 13:12
Another 3rd officer here, if anyone has it can you please send it to my e-mail adress for the sake of navigation safety? :) bloodycore2@gmail.com
skipper3362 31-Jan-2020 14:50
okkkko, no we sent not by email, against the rules we have here
how to get the file you find in the information section, go there and read , you will out out how to do it
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