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Safe Havens for Disabled Gas Carriers

Year: 2003
Language: english
Author: SIGTTO
Genre: Guide
Publisher: SIGTTO
Edition: 3rd
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 17
Description: A ship in distress is usually in a condition where outside assistance is required to supplement the resources available on board to deal with the abnormal situation. A distress situation may have many facets ranging from disablement of power and/or steering to more fundamental damage to the hull or cargo system brought about by stress of weather, fire or other abnormal condition.
Thus, the safest place for a ship in distress is in sheltered waters where the necessary external assistance can be brought to bear to bring the situation under control. Once under control, plans can then be made for the long term rectification of the situation, damage or other factors causing the distress situation.
In many cases, the ability to move the vessel to a safe, sheltered location is the most important single contribution that a port or coastal authority can make but this should be done in the full understanding of the risks that attach to the damaged condition of the ship.
Liquefied gas tankers have unique construction features and their cargoes have unique properties that set them apart from other classes of ship and other categories of hazardous cargo.
This document describes the most important features of gas tankers and gas cargoes for those who may possibly become involved in seeking or granting a temporary refuge for such a ship, or be responsible for the contingency planning for such an event.
This edition also includes details of actual incidents involving gas tankers.
Additional info: An Information Paper For Those Seeking a Safe Haven and Those Who May Be Asked to Provide It.



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