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Claims Guides

Year: 2018
Language: english
Author: The West Of England P&I
Genre: Guide
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 97
Description: Claims Guides
Set out below are a number of guides for Members on matters they may typically encounter.
They are not intended to be exhaustive but rather to provide a succinct and informative overview.
Members requiring further advice on any topic are advised to contact the Managers.
Defence Cover – “In a Nutshell” Guides
The following are a series of articles intended to provide some general observations on commonly encountered Defence issues.
Please note that these guides are based on current English law at the time of writing.


P&I Cover - Claims Guides
These guides provide Members with information and advice on some P&I claims topics:
1. Diversion expense claims
2. A Vessel Owner's Guide to Claims Under The United States Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act
3.Bunker Quality Disputes Part 2: Legal and Claims Handling Considerations
4. Incorporation of Charter Party Terms into Bills of Lading
5. Paperless trading - electronic bills of lading
6. Bills of Lading 5 - Cargo Claimants' Rights & Liabilities
7. Bills of Lading 4 - Cargo Shortage Claims
8. Bills of Lading 3 - Issues with Quantity & Quality of Cargo at Loadport
9. Bills of Lading 2 - Letters of Indemnity
10. Bills of Lading 1 - Functions of a Bill of Lading
11. IMO's Low Sulphur Fuel Limit Under Marpol Annex VI
Defence Cover – “In a Nutshell” Guides
12. Interruptions and Exceptions to Laytime
13. Safe Ports and Berths
14. Off-Hire
15. Notices of redelivery
16. Late Redelivery
17. Early Redelivery
18. Speed and Consumption
19. Hull Fouling
20. Withdrawal and suspension of service of a ship
21. Liens on hire / sub-freight
22. Hold cleaning
23. Liens on cargo
24. Notices of Readiness
25. Clause Paramount
26. Cancellation
27. Disponent owners’ contractual risks


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