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IMEC31 Proceedings

Year: 2019
Language: english
Author: Jinbiao Chen et alli (many authors for each article)
Genre: Research papers
Publisher: Åland University Of Applied Sciences
Edition: 1
ISBN: n/a
Format: PDF
Quality: eBook
Pages count: 227
Description: We are very happy to host the IMEC31 here on the Åland Islands. These islands have always been international and maritime, ever since they emerged above the sea level some 8000 years ago. The Vikings sailed through here and empires have fought about the strategical key points for dominion over the Baltic Sea here. Some 150 years ago a navigation school was founded here as a forerunner of the Åland University of Applied Sciences (ÅUAS).
As Vice Rectors of the ÅUAS we wish all participants of the IMEC31 very welcome. We cherish the fact that the IMEC31 is a global network of professionals in the field of communication at sea. The successful completion of your important tasks bring many positive effects for safety and development of the trade. It also brings people together and friendship among the peoples is more important than ever at this point in the history of this planet.
As a part of the international shipping community we look forward to having you here and to meeting with you, both teachers and other professionals. You will also be able to meet with our students and hear their perspectives. Thank you for coming here!



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