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Practical Advanced Navigation

Year: 1922
Language: english
Author: Charles H. Cugle
Genre: Manual
Publisher: E. P. Dutton & Co.
Format: PDF
Quality: Scanned pages
Pages count: 98
Description: This book is a manual/workbook containing simple rules and problems in the practical higher branches of navigation. Taking the basic concepts of navigation for granted, it explains and works the advanced navigation. The subjects covered are Deviation by Star, Planet, and Moon, Construction of a Mercator Chart, Great Circle Sailing, Double Chronometer Method of Determining Ship's Position (commonly known as Johnson's Method, but in this volume worked entirely from Bowditch), Tangent Method of Determining Ship's Position by Sumner Lines, and Marcq St. Hilaire Method. Two methods of determining Great Circle Courses are given, as well as three formulas for working Marcq St. Hilaire method. The Great Circle Courses are worked out complete for a Trans-Atlantic voyage in Example 1. Three of the problems in Double Chronometer method are also worked out in Marcq St. Hilaire (3 formulas) and the position lines are plotted on Chartlets, where it can bo seen that they agree. Two of the problems in Sumner method are also taken from Examples 1 and 5 of Double Chronometer and plotted on Chartlets. The rules have been given in as plain language as possible.



Practical Advanced Navigation.pdf


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