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Anatomy of an admiralty model

Language: english
Author: Robert Bruckshaw
Genre: История
Publisher: Guideline Publications
Format: PDF
Quality: OCR without errors
Number of pages: 122
Description: Пособие по постройке "адмиралтейских моделей" парусников. В пособии подробно рассказывается об особенностях и технологиях постройки "адмиралтейских моделей". Большое количество иллюстраций.
This manuscript by Master Modeler Robert Bruckshaw was discovered in the archives of the
Great Lakes Historical Society Inland Seas Maritime Museum by Dave Stevens, where he has been a volunteer for years.
It is important to note that the manuscript by Robert Bruckshaw is a “Diamond in the Rough.” It was never completed and has been left as written, in its unedited form, with only minor changes made to the original text. It is not based on one model, but a collection of models. It is not a step-by-step guide on how to build a model, but rather the thoughts of a model builder sitting at his work bench, letting us experience his work through his eyes. It contains material on research, plans, lofting, building techniques, do’s and don'ts, cannons, shop hints, jigs, paint, rigging, and yes, even humor.
A special thank you goes to Lonnie Chadwell, Peter Constantine, David Hill, Rev. Cliff Fryda, John Kowalla, James Krauzlis, Bob Morley and William Nyberg for their time and effort in bringing this manuscript to its present form.
While only minor changes have been made to the original text, I have split the first chapter into 2 and reorganized thelast few chapters. All photos were scanned and have been added where appropriate to illustrate the text. Scans of the original blueprints of the cannons drawn by Robert Bruckshaw have been added (see Appendix 3). These were drawn on three big sheets, but have been split to fit the page size. All original drawings in the manuscript have been scanned and are included. All photos not included with the text have been placed in a separate Appendix at the end.
I hope that as you read this manuscript, you will get the feeling of sitting in Robert Bruckshaw’s workshop, listening and watching as he worked on his models. That you come away saying: “Why didn’t I thing of that?’, “That’s a great jig to use”, “I'll have to try that on the next model” . That will be a most fitting tribute to Robert Bruckshaw and his legacy of building ship models.


Robert Bruckshaw ''Anatomy of an admiralty model''.pdf


Robert Bruckshaw ''Anatomy of an admiralty model''.pdf


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